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White Power Fights Back: Charles Blow Nails This One

It’s Bigger than Mueller and Trump by Charles Blow, is a Super important read.  It may take less than 10 to 15 minutes really ::: and then spend a few days, or weeks if need be, to LOOK into the claims made; as there have been several reports now for several years, about the GLOBAL RISE in WHITE Nationalism aka White Supremacy;

Which often STEMS from jealousy of black success; For some reason it makes them feel “threatened” and they Cling to their Old ways; just as we saw with #BlackwallStreet – several successful black owned towns were BURNED To the ground; films like #Rosewood discuss this; as there were Many Black Wall streets; SEVERAL Successful black men and women killed; to make sure other black people would not follow that path ———– the Rise of the KKK was the result of free blacks, Prospering when LEFT alone, in America ::::: and this pattern has been with us ever since;

So when narratives like it’s all better now, and ‘it’s not like it used to be’, — Or hey you’re just a angry black guy; that’s crazy talk; etc — are all distractions; the truth is the Truth; Black Success…. Non-Whites succeeding; is a “threat” to white supremacy and white power; and so this is a real WAR on our hands ………………….. and it’s So Much Bigger than Trump

…………. as this ‘white power’ issue is happening Around the Globe

(New Zealand … is not in MAGA country; but it’s the same VIEWS that are being expressed — Pay tf attention)

……….. we have a problem on our hands; White society has to do something about this issue that continues to plague them – and humanity as a result – this need for POWER and CONTROL ‘at the expense’ of others; OR this fear that If others are doing well they will Harm Them; or impact their lives – when there is No evidence of this ever being the case in the history of mankind — needs to cease — and it may take more than ‘words’ … more than ‘thoughts and payers’ … as this issue is happening, around the world;

(This is why Russian collusion never bothered any of them; it’s all about uniting over a commonality …. skin color … some basic ass thinking … some unevolved ish ….. and it’s a real problem; always has been; Still is today. )

Read It’s Bigger than Mueller and Trump by Charles Blow

Two years ago (as of today) Vice News reported on White Supremacy in Europe

Four Years ago… “The Far Right”, in Poland was highlighted (video below).  They are always “associated with racism, antisemitism and violence”.

It talks about the role that white women play in white supremacists movements. Again, it’s often downplayed just how many white people are all in, for racism. It’s going to take real bravery like what we saw from the white teens who blew the whistle on their nazi friends. Those white teens, happened to be Jewish however. Jews are often the target of these ‘hate groups’, just like blacks are. It’s pretty sad, that blacks and jews wait until these issues arise, to even consider teaming up to put an end to them.

Yet … here we are.

Several more videos about the rise of white supremacy can be seen “in This search feed” on YouTube – we have a real issue on our hands. Mainly because these far right groups, are violent. This is why groups like Anti-fa feel violence must be met with violence. I’m always hopeful, that some how peaceful solutions can be found. However Others have to feel this way and work towards those resolutions. We are witnessing the results of ignoring these matters of racial hate.

So much of this stems from believing that we are all different, and not the same.

This creates that ‘fear’ that others ma encroach on what is ‘theirs’; it makes people feel that certain things belong to them but not others.