white teens call out red cup nazi friends in OC

White Teens Call Out Racist Peers For Nazi Cups

A few weeks ago we all heard about the Racist white kids posing around Nazi designed red cups at a party. We also knew, someone in their crew was a snitch, thankfully. Otherwise this would have just been another gathering of white pride celebrations; where ignorant remarks are made unchallenged. That’s literally what happened on this night too, as no one really objected during the recording we all saw. However, now we know who the white teens were that called out their racist peers.

Proving, once again, that what I wrote here a few years back, remains true.

White people are the only ones who can end racism. When white people join the ‘fight’ against racism, real change begins to happen. White teens are especially in an influential age bracket. To change the course of our nation, the young white people of this country have to join in as well. If their parents are racist, it’s so important for them to reject those ideas. At no point in time will I ever say this is ‘easy’ to do. Whites, tend to terrorize other whites who don’t go along with the program.

Something Kaitlyn (one of the white teens in this story) says in this video, is that “It’s our job to educate them”.

By ‘our’ she’s talking about, herself and other white teens.  It’s the only way to combat racism,  the biggest issue this nation has always had.

As we look around the nation, there has been a RISE in white supremacist movements, all around the world. We just witnessed a horrible tragedy in New Zealand. This incident in Orange County, California, often referred to as the RED City in the Blue state, is part of this ‘rise’. Is the South … rising again? More importantly, what role have white moderates, constantly shoving the topic of racism aside, played in this?

How has their silence, enabled racism to make a come back? It’s more ‘vocal’ than it had been for quite some time – but we know it’s been there, this entire time.

Take a quick look at this video; about white people calling the police on blacks. A white man, wants to ‘take race out of it’, which is so common. Whites, constantly choose not to see color. It helps make the case, that white people are not racist anymore! This has become the main goal, seemingly, of white society. Rather than actually clean racism up, and rid it from our society – pretend it’s just not there.

“Let’s take race out of it….” – That’ll make it go away right? …. nope.

Clearly white people must do more, than pretend racism isn’t the biggest problem facing humanity. In fact, race should never be taken ‘out’ of these discussions, until we get everything fixed. The reason Flint, Michigan STILL has dirty water, comes down to race. Huge economic disparities in our nation, are due to race. Recently shared a two part documentary from Dane Calloway, the African American Threat – that dives into the numerous ways white society has kept blacks ‘down’.

All disbelief from white people does, is make sure this kind of hate can continue on. The Denial, from white people acts as a cover, and a shield for fragile white supremacists. They can hide behind it, and use every other word they can think of, other than calling a black person the N word, to push racism forward.  What I see, time and time again, is evidence that this nation may never heal.

Fresh wounds are opened, every single day…..