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Jill Biden gives a Man an award on International Women's Day

The Agenda is Real. Quit Lying to Ourselves About it

It’s way past time people get real, and quit lying about it. The agenda is real, and it ‘might’ already be too late.  On International Women’s Day, something happened at the White House, that solidifies a pattern that has been unfolding in our society. Men are taking spots away from women.  It has gone, far […]

Ja Morant - NBA Players

Ja Morant Influenced By White American Media

Let’s discuss how Ja Morant was influenced by white American media. It’s a common story, that not enough black people understand. Images of black people impact how we see ourselves, how we see each other and how Non black people see us.  If you are here, reading that opening line, and don’t already know that […]

Umar Johnson hated Wakanda Forever

Umar Johnson Hated Wakanda Forever – Was He Right?

It’s no secret, Umar Johnson is a controversial figure. He gave his thoughts recently on Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Marvels’ Black Panther.  His commentary is worth a listen to, however we do not endorse sending donations to Umar Johnson for his school. We will talk more about that, in a few moments. Stating that […]

Avatar Way of The Water is a worthy sequel

Avatar Way Of The Water Review by

If you have not seen Avatar Way of the Water yet, it’s Thursday.   You really should not be on the internet, unless you want spoilers.  This will not really be a in depth spoiler, just a reaction to what I saw, this past Sunday.  I was on YouTube, saw a poll from Screencrush; about 45% […]

Jake Lockley hiding in plaine sight - Moon Knight

Jake Lockley is Handled Masterfully in MoonKnight

The way that Jake Lockley is handled in the television series Moon Knight, is masterful. Throughout this show we are mostly shown Two ‘personalities’ of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Speaking with an English accent, Steven is the main focus, and it seems that Marc is a wildcard. At least, that is how it’s presented […]

all falls down - white lives matter

Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt Was Genius

Hear me out, no, you did not read the title wrong. Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt was genius and I’m about to explain why! Stick with me though. I’ll try to hit it early and not keep you too long.   When the ‘phrase’ Black Lives Matter first picked up steam, sadly, as Mike Brown was […]

Racist La Hispanic Councilmembers

Anti-black Racism From LA Hispanics

  Anti-black racism from LA Hispanics has been a problem for quite some time now.  Recently, news broke of  a recorded discussion between 4 Hispanic LA politicians.  This discussion was extremely anti-black and very racist.  Nury Martinez, takes center stage in this story, that occurred over a year ago.  Apparently it was posted on reddit, […]

butterfly effect and reparations - a debt owed

Reparations on Revolt TV: Tariq Nasheed, Killer Mike, Tezln Fiago

Reparations was discussed at the Revolt Summit in Atlanta, GA in September 2022.  What I have seen from the panel, hosted by Van Lathan, has been engaging! I can’t wait for Revolt TV to release the FULL Panel on Reparations with Killer Mike, Tezln Figaro, Rizza Islam and Tariq Nasheed. These clips are not enough! […]

Smart Guy talks Crack, Music, Harming black people

Smart Guy Discusses White Society’s Impact on Black Minds

Recently, Smart Guy, has a clip going super viral on the internet. He’s speaking on how the white society has found new ways to undermine the black community. From using crack to destabilize black people in the 80’s, to using music in modern day, for the same outcome.  Many black people don’t even see it […]

Is T.I. Responsible for his Son

Is. T.I. Responsible For His Son? Oshay Duke Jackson Says Yes

Oshay Duke Jackson is one of several Youtube content creators, who focuses on male issues. Recently, he made a video addressing the question, is T.I. Responsible for his son?  Oshay says yes, and over here at, we agree.  Just the other day we dropped an article about the importance of Great Black Fathers.  The […]

House of the Dragon: Back to Westeros

Back To Westeros House Of The Dragon Review Episode 1

Just like that, we are BACK in the fantasy world, created by George R.R. Martin. Back to Westeros, for House of The Dragon, a show based on a book by GRR, called “Fire and Blood”.  However if you are reading this, you know all of this already!  Being that we have discussed a few episodes […]

Good black fathers matter: LaVar Ball, Richard Williams

Good Black Fathers Matter in Participation Trophy Society

Good black fathers matter, in our current participation trophy society.  Richard Williams and LaVar Ball are excellent examples of the impact a father can have on their children. Whether those children are boys or girls; they can Speak Success into their children, and influence how they turn out …. We don’t like to really give […]