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Kamala Harris 2020 Beyond The Black Vote

The other night on facebook, I mentioned that it looks like Kamala Harris is going to walk into that oval office in 2020. This was not meant to be an endorsement of her as a candidate by me. I was simply making an observation of what I was seeing. Just last week, she announced her […]

medieval wall of trump

The Medieval Wall That Shut Down America (Senator Michael Bennet Goes Off on Lying Ted)

Let’s get into the Medieval Wall Almost unbelievable what is going on in America and yet, very believable at the same time. Today an incredible ‘speech’ was given down on Capital Hill.  Senator Michael Bennet had a problem with comments from Senator Ted Cruz. So ironic that ‘lying Ted’ would support 45, who gave him […]

Black men not protecting black women; but do they listen to black men?

Black Men Not Protecting Black Women Narratives are Divisive: Must End

Are black men not protecting black women or is something else going on? We are about to dive into this topic but I expect I’ll have to write even more to drive this point home. I’ll be sure to link to past articles on as well. The following is a response to a black […]

Blacks and Blockchain Technology

Blacks And Blockchain Technology

Blacks and Blockchain Technology: Overcoming Racism, Tribalism, and Financial Struggles through Blockchain. The discussions being held at Howard University, via the Black Blockchain Summit, are worth taking time to watch. Below, is a feed from facebook, that you’ll want to set aside time for. Please understand, as black people in America, this may be one […]

the ballot and black people (Roland Martin, Tariq Nasheed, Yvette Carnell)

The Ballot: Roland Martin vs Tariq Nasheed (Part One: Immigrants, Asians, Muslims GOP)

More than 50 years ago now, Malcolm X talked about The Ballot or the Bullet. Recently, Roland Martin and Tariq Nasheed went ‘back and forth’ over whether black people should be voting.  They are a microcosm of a much larger discussion that is, and has been going on in black america.  It’s not a recent […]

Minority Students Do Better On Equal Playing Fields (Bill & Melinda Gates)

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was featured on 60 minutes, and it was eye opening. I knew some of this already but, like ‘me’ Bill Gates was in search of Data. His foundation, with his wife Melinda Gates, has been sending several people from Low income homes to College.  While sitting down to […]

michael eric dyson speaks at aretha franklin's homegoing

Michael Eric Dyson At Aretha Franklin Homegoing Service

Talking to the ‘orange apparition’, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson says …. “she didn’t work for you, she worked beyond you! Get your preposition right!” – That’s how I’m going to start this out while introducing some content to you, that needs to be on the pages of This is social political commentary at its […]

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Talks Lebron, Championships, Retirement with Rich Eisen

By now there is a good chance you’ve seen this interview with Kobe Bryant and Rich Eisen. In case you missed it we have it for you below. This is an excellent discussion in so many ways. The maturity Kobe Bryant displays, is what you’d expect when a man reaches 40 years old. Having just […]

Covering Trump : Media Suggestions for how to Get Better

Covering Trump: Robert Reich Makes 9 Suggestions

Covering Trump: It’s no secret that the media has been more than complicit in the election and protection of Donald Trump.  The way they have covered him, has helped volley him into a position of power, that has the nation truly divided.  This is not a good path for us as a nation, and we […]

innocent people plea guilty; rich people go to trial

Innocent People Plea Guilty All The Time: Broken Justice System

Why would innocent people plea guilty, instead of going to trial?  One of the things I came to realize several years ago, is how little I, and others, understand the ‘justice system’ of America. Revecntly John Olivery broke down our Broken Justice System on his HBO television show. The points contained within are important for […]

Green Party Candidates Options or Opposition?

Green Party In Red vs. Blue Reality

Does the Green Party exist to take votes away from the democratic party?  It’s #ChessNotCheckers out here; Politics isn’t pretty; it’s not what we ‘hope’ for it to be. it is, what it is.Democrat, republican, two wings of the same bird; yea … that’s what it is alright; The ‘system’ we are in, is a […]

Pastor Darrell Scott Cooning

Pastor Darrell Scott Certified Coon: Paid Puppet of Trump Campaign

Pastor Darrel Scott is a coon. He is a tom, a sell out, or whatever term you want to use. Black people who have a ‘problem’ with black people calling out coons, are probably coons themselves. Now that we have covered that base, let us ‘go back’ in time to a debate between Pastor Darrel […]