Brie Larson Looks Like Virginia Gardner (Captain Marvel & Karolina Dean)

I’m a big fan of Marvel, and just finished up Season 2 of The Runaways. This show is actually pretty good in my opinion; but what stood out to me having also seen Captain Marvel a couple of times, is just how much Brie Larson looks like Virginia Gardner. These are the actresses who play Marvel Characters “Captain Marvel” and “Karolina Dean”, respectively of course. While I’m on the topic, I was also intrigued at just how much these two characters ‘happen’ to have in common.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe often uses the ‘tagline’ “It’s All Connected”, to point out ties between their feature films, and television shows as well. So was there a ‘connection’ that they were seeking to make, or is this really, just a coincidence?  I noticed, literally, no one is talking about this ….

No one:

Literally No one:

SoPoCo : … Brie Larson looks like Virginia Gardner ….

Brie Larson looks like Virginia Garner

Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean

Brie Larson looks like Virginia Garner

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)

The similarities, to me were striking while watching Season Two of The Runaways. Marvel has done a great job, in my opinion with television shows they own. While some of the Netflix shows got mixed reviews, overall I Felt they did a decent job with them. Also, ‘light spoilers’ for anyone who has not seen Season Two of The Runaways, or the Captain Marvel movie by now. For me, catching up on the season was very late. All episodes had aired by the time I found time to watch. I thought season one was pretty interesting all the way through, and they left me wanting to know more.

Especially, about this ‘mysteriously glowing race’ of people, with power to shoot ‘energy’ at others.

Remind you of anyone? Honestly I didn’t even put these connections together myself, until recently. This may be why no one else is really talking about it. I’m also not sure ‘how many folks’ are watching The Runaways.

Real quick, if reading this article makes you decide to watch it, please let Marvel know to send me a check for the referral ……

Both Captain Marvel, and Karolina Dean have so many things in common. (This isn’t about how all blondes look alike either; as that wouldn’t be true anyway. Much more is going on here than that.) Going beyond the fact that Brie Larson looks like Virginia Gardner, It’s, all connected isn’t it?? Even some of the ‘poses’ I grabbed for this article, have similarities. The ‘star’ on the chest, included…

The Runaways season two, aired long before Captain Marvel came out. Of course, we know that these ‘are’ two completely different characters however.  I’m not implying that, Karolina Dean grows up to become a pilot, who ends up getting ‘powers’ from the teserract. It is, interesting however, that these two actresses favor one another.

  • When we consider that both of them are ‘connected’ to Aliens and Humanity.
  • As stated already, Both are able to SHOOT energy from their hands
  • Karolina Dean, and Carol Danvers can ‘float’ and ‘fly’ due to the energy they can ‘conduct’
  • … and from the ‘film’ versions of these characters, both have ‘strained relationships’ with their biological fathers.

I could also go even deeper into … relationships.

It’s been reported by some outlets, that folks are pushing to make Captain Marvel a lesbian in the upcoming films. Folks are floating discussions of her and Tessa Thompson, who’s playing Valkyrie doing just that. Meanwhile, Karolina is already in a relationship with a woman now; her fellow Runaway, Nico. Season two seemingly goes out of its way to show us this relationship too. I didn’t grow up reading the comics, so I don’t know if this goes down in the ‘source material’.  However the ‘betrothed’ to Karolina is a guy in the comics; but in Season Two, ‘appeared’ in the form, of a woman.

Getting back to how Brie Larson looks like Virginia Garnder though, here’s a photo of their characters … glowing!

Do you agree with us, that Brie Larson looks like Virgina Gardner? Let us know below. DO you also see the connections to their characters? If you happened to watch both, let us know what you thought about the movie, and the television show too. Thanks for dropping by!