Trump Fires James Comey today

Trump Fires James Comey While Russian Investigation Underway

What Is Going On here? About an hour ago this news broke; Donald Trump fires James Comey, the FBI Director while the Russian Investigation is underway. This looks bad. If the President is not guilty of any collusion with Russia the investigation that’s going on would turn up nothing. So why not wait until that investigation is over?

This news is still developing.

Why does the White House want to silence this Russian Investigation for? Do they (does our President) have something to hide?

“The President does have the power to fire the FBI Director, but only for cause. We do not have cause (at this time)” – Scott Pelley, CBS News

Why do YOU Think, with so much going on, that Donald Trump fires James Comey now, of all times?

There have been ongoing controversy ever since the new administration came into office, and this takes things to a new height. We’ve been covering a lot of what’s been happening here at SoPoCo. In a way, we could see this coming. I mean it’s not like they’re going to just sit back and allow themselves to be caught. With the Republicans having full control of both the House and Senate, it’s unlikely that this will lead to an impeachment.  Even if, what we’re witnessing is highly irregular.

All of this comes just a day after Sally Yates testified. She was also let go, because she would not enforce Donald Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban.  Are we looking at the rise of a dictator? Or is something else brewing in the nation, that it’s citizens actually support? The 2018 mid-term elections will truly be something.  As Trump fires James Comey, he is only the 2nd FBI Director to be fired. The first was William Sessions fired in 1993, by President Bill Clinton.  James Comey was giving a speech in Los Angeles when he got the news, that he had been fired.

Meanwhile, just what is Jeff Sessions doing?