Donald Trump Gives Russia Classified Intel

Donald Trump Endangers National Security Revealing Classified Information

Developing story: Donald Trump has endangered the National Security of the United States. He recently disclosed classified information to Russia in a meeting that he didn’t allow United States Press to cover. He did allow Russian press to attend this meeting, and photos from that meeting leaked out. That meeting happened one day after Trump Fired James Comey.

During the campaign, the Republican party all chanted that we needed to Lock Hillary Clinton up. Their reasoning was that her emails were endangering national security.

Meanwhile, so much of what has unfolded with the Trump administration is clearly a danger to our National Security.  With every opportunity to make stories go away, Trump makes the story bigger.  To silence rumors that he’s a puppet of Russia all he has to do is show us his Tax returns. He won’t release his Tax Returns.  Trump fired Preet Bharara who may have ended up investigating Russian ties.  He fired Sally Yates for not upholding his travel ban, which totally endangered our national security. We most recently saw James Comey fired because he’s investigating Russian collusion, and now this.  By sharing this classified information, it now makes any allies we have distrustful of our President.

We are now witnessing the diabolical nature of white supremacy. It’s an ideology steeped in hypocrisy and double standards. There is one standard for white people, and another for non-white people. If you are white, but you’re doing things that help out non-white people, you’re classified as a Nigger Lover.

Today’s upgraded Politically Correct term is, Liberal.

This is truly the ongoing war in our nation, as racism continues to guide the steering wheel of America. It’s an ongoing battle of just how white people are going to run this nation, and control most of (if not all of) it’s assets. The Civil war apparently did not settle this debate, and neither did the Civil Rights Movement. However, now it seems that they (the racist whites) have gone too far. They’re now, apparently colluding with Russia.

Here is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirming this just this past weekend on Meet The Press.

The Russia thing was on Donald Trump’s mind when he fired James Comey. So clearly there is a coup happening and the mainstream media continues it’s witty banter about it. The GOP seemingly has put ‘party’ before country. I totally understand seeking to improve the ‘relationship’ between Russia and the United States, however is that really the kind of ‘ally’ America wants?

What message is white supremacy sending to the rest of us right now?

For all the conspiracy talk from Alex Jones, swearing that globalists are taking over but Donald Trump would put a stop to it. It entirely appears the exact opposite is happening. Not only has the takeover happened, but it’s quickening. Why is our Secretary of State suggesting that we need an improved relationship with Russia?  When asked if Russia meddled in our elections, Tillerson said without question they did.  I guess Saturday Night Live got it right again …

So, nothing matters anymore? Okay then….