Fyre Festival Ja Rule

Recapping Fyre Festival From A White Privileged Perspective

In case you missed it, Fyre Festival happened, and boy it was hilarious. At least, for those of us who didn’t get ‘scammed’ out of our money. When I first read about what happened at fyre festival the first finesse that came to mind was AquaGate. In both situations I felt really bad for the people involved, because it shows just how bad our financial decisions are. How much will you pay for a party? Is a good time really worth paying thousands of dollars?

I’m not ‘personally’ a huge fan of Philip Defranco, but he does a great job of recapping fyre festival and all of the fallout. Was Ja Rule responsible for this or not?

Tons of excellent information is linked up in the video on his Youtube channel, related to this Fyre Festival fiasco.  He also goes on to talk about other things happening in society right now. But we want to get back to the main topic of just how in the hell this all happened in the first place. My answer is, White Privilege – which includes a need to get away!

For many of us who’ve paid attention to this, it’s related to another social phenomena called White Flight.  White Flight is the reason that so many white people in Los Angeles moved away from the City. As time and industry have grown, most of the jobs are in the city and that has led to recent ‘gentrification issues’ within L.A.

Here are a few tweets as well, for those who missed this story.




super good one there lol … Donald Trump is finessing us all!

And more here, on how The Real Rich Kids did Not Suffer from this Scam

Which included some of the Original Tweets from that weekend.

‘Rich Kids” paid anywhere from $500 to $1,000 (or more) to attend. That doesn’t include Airfare and transportation. The Rich kids however, didn’t really appreciate all of the ‘jokes’ from Twitter, as several people found it hilarious. They were afterall, promised a luxurious weekend on an island and got finessed royally. As lawsuits are now coming in, time will tell if they will ever really be refunded.

But, when we live in a nation with so much economic inequality, it’s hard for the 99% to relate. Fyre Festival in some strange way, feels like karma to Unchecked white privilege.



Blink 182 …. and Tyga … lol

In the same vein, Coachella is mostly a concert weekend for white people. We usually hear about the rap acts simply because rap music appeals to a much wider audience, than just white people. Ticket prices to attend Coachella are extremely unreasonable, and that of course helps keep the rift raft out. Keeping (pricing) others out is a thing, and always has been a thing. So when pricing people out happens, and backfires on the people who were okay with it, it’s comical.

Unlike AquaGate which mostly targeted the bougie black class of America (also funny for them to get finessed), I believe there will be plenty of refunds handed out. These Rich kids had enough money to attend Fyre Festival, and Mark Geragos is one of the top lawyers in the nation.  Money talks, bullshit walks in this country and especially within the court of law. Hopefully the promoters of Fyre Festival saved up their coin.

Also, just a heads up from Dave Chappelle. “Stop Worshiping Celebrities so much”

Dave told us then, that we (society) have to stop worshiping Celebrities. The earlier article I shared talks about how ‘influencers’ are making tons of money, often promoting pure bullshit. AcquGate was promoted by Steve Harvey’s son in law.  Fyre Festival was promoted, by Ja Rule – which goes to show you just how little influence an influencer needs to have to influence people in this society.

Think about that for a moment, as we watch all that happens throughout society and our world.  Smarter people are sorely needed.

Celebrity Worshiping Goes wrong: with Nick Cannon, Monique and Kanye West.