War on Black People

Jeff Sessions Declares War On Black People

Our title, Jeff Sessions Declares War on Black People comes from Professor Black Truth with the Opening Commentary.

If you’re listening to this commentary from Professor Black Truth, and have been reading the pages of SoPoCo then you understand what is going on. We spoke about this before, when we pointed out how Jeff Sessions was in Full Klan Mode while speaking to the Police Union. This War on Black people was coming and it’s sad to see it unfolding in front of our eyes.

I wonder what Steve Harvey has to say about this. He’s been pretty silent since going to meet with Donald Trump. Meanwhile ongoing policies and statements coming out from this current administration do not bode well for the black community.  Naturally, like many black people who’ve sold out the community, he probably feels he is safe.  I’m sure he feels the targets of this upcoming war on black people will impact everyone but his black family. It’s short sighted.

Recently, Dave Chappelle admitted that he fucked up by saying we should give Trump a chance.

However, it’s our faults if we’re listening to celebrities. Afterall, Dave warned us about that too (in our last article about Trump endangering National Security)

Professor Black Truth really breaks down what is going on in this clip. He even mentions the Southern Strategy by Lee Atwater. Using ‘code words’ is how racism transitioned from being open and in your face, to being more in the closet. Closet racism had been the modus operende until Barack Obama got elected. His 8 years of presiding over the United States has caused all those closet racists to come all the way out.

And yet, after 30 years of using code words, many of them are still lying about how racist they are.

Others, are having a hard time calling out their fellow white brothers and sisters for their racism. As I’ve stated on these pages in the past, this racism (original sin) will be the ultimate downfall of this nation.  As Jeff Sessions, the Klansman enacts a new war on ‘drugs’, we all know that’s code for war on black people. Meanwhile, we also know the population that is mostly hooked on drugs are whites.

Yet, by targeting ‘cities’ that are mostly populated with blacks who cannot afford to live in the more spread out areas of the nation it doesn’t openly appear to be racist. It’s the same kind of stuff black people have been dealing with ever since they allowed us to leave the plantation. Black people have been co-existing in this nation, under a state of ‘free’ but not really.  So even though we’re talking about a ‘renewed’ war on black people it’s also, just more of the same.

Under Barack Obama, drug offense charges were starting to lighten up again. We all know that infuriated several white people across the nation!

If anyone actually watched 13th by Ava DuVernay, then you’re aware that even black people fall into this trap of wanting to see black people get locked up. Let’s not go easy on this topic and pretend that where crime is happening it’s a good environment. However, locking black people up isn’t improving any of those environments. Instead of investing in improving where black people live, this nation historically continues to use black life, as a ‘battery for society’.

Black People are Batteries in America

Black people are in fact, trapped in The Matrix.

Too many are given a false reality of a society where they truly believe we’re all equal now. It’s those conservative black republicans who naively believe that people life Jeff Sessions are actually doing the right thing. They too, feel that we need to be ‘tough on crime’. Sadly, not enough of us feel we need to be tough on education. We’re not advocating that our society get tough on allocating resources to communities in need. Many black people who are pointing to solutions are made fun of, or tuned out. Black intellectuals sharing research or encouraging black people build businesses are looked at with skeptical eyes. Even the very ‘drug war’ that was engineered to harm black people, is something a lot of black folks doubt happened.

Instead of creating a society where we ensure that people have creative outlets, and black people are supported in chasing their dreams, we build prisons and call for more police to lock them up.

Follow the money, because that’s what it’s always been about. Slavery was about the money and so is our Industrial Prison Complex. The War on Black people has made America one of the richest nations in the entire world. They’re still not ready to let go of their biggest cash crop!

Sadly this war On Black People Continues

*Update 11/4/17 – just a few days ago, President Trump declared the Opioid Epidemic a public health emergency, primarily because it impacts white Americans. This was exactly what Professor Black Truth was saying in his commentary about Jeff Sessions. Why launch a ‘war on black people’ targeting cities with high populations of black people? Especially since he wanted to targe black drug abusers, and continue the practice of putting them behind bars, rather than getting them the help they need. Now that the problem is being reshaped as a white issue, help and rehabilitation is being suggested.  All the evidence since we initially wrote this article points to the fact that we are under the ‘rule’ of a white supremacist regime.  The Black Vote which does not exist like it should, matters even more now than ever.