Confederate Monuments Are Like ISIS Flags

Commentary from TBA (The Black Authority) here on how Confederate Monuments are like ISIS Flags.  They mark off territory and let people know in spite of what others may think, we run this. TBA nails it in this excellent conversation on all of the confederate monuments and flags that are being challenged right now.  The push back to keep these monuments standing and flags waving is a telling reality.

*update 5/5/18 – the video from The Black Authority was removed from YouTube along with his channel that had this content; So in it’s place, a video from that explains the rise of Isis; You’ll see how they ‘plant flags’ to let others know what territory belongs to them.

Sticking with, let’s also show the link between the confederate monuments, and racial motivations. It’s once again all about marking territory. The symbols represent domination and power, not just ‘history or heritage’ as many of these, dishonest descendants will attempt to say.

In fact, let’s really drive the point home about just what Confederate Monuments Stand for.

Here are several more videos that speak to this issue. The confederate monuments represent racism and ‘white supremacy’. They speak to an idea that blacks are to remain in a ‘place’ that is forever beneath white people. Too much of the ongoing racial issues we face in our nation are directly linked to our attitudes, as a nation, towards this topic. We have to come together, and if we can’t agree on these monuments, we’ll never agree. Same goes for the confederate flags, because the ‘history’ the flag wavers seek to ‘honor’ is a Traitors path. The ongoing terrorism black people face at the hands of police, are also tied into this ongoing homage to the confederacy. Because none of us are dumb, the confederacy ‘means’ something.

It’s a way of life, an ‘order’ of things, that too many white people still think should be ‘the way’, today.

… more on the ‘traitorous confederate monuments’ and the ties to white ‘privilege’, that only harms our nation’s unity.

… and it’s not like this is ‘new’, as black people have been fighting these ‘monuments’ for decades now. Vice discussed a Two decade fight …

*A huge issue we face in America is the resistance from white society. Anytime racism is brought up, there is a cadre of white people ready to say it’s not happening. This ongoing struggle keeps racism, hate, and other harmful ideas alive. American cannot move past these issues, while ‘honoring’ the ideas expressed. Ideas that blacks are not as human as whites are. This leads to white people feeling nothing when police murder blacks today. – end of Update from 5/5/18

We all should know this is true but, often try to sugar coat it. We want to believe racism ended with slavery, or Jim Crow, or the Civil Rights Movement.

Confederate Monuments Matter

Somehow we keep missing, that racism motivated Jim Crow and gave reason for the Civil Rights Movement. People living in this nation who believe racism ever went away are fools. The ones working to convince blacks that it’s better than it used to be, are agents of white supremacy. So long as we allow these confederate monuments to stand, racism will be alive and well.

TBA calls White Supremacy the ‘shadow government’ of America. He makes a brilliant comparison to the caliphate. They allowed the Egyptian Brotherhood to stick around long enough until they took control of power.  Now that’s who runs Egypt, and apparently the Confederates have done the same. Our nation allowed them to exist, and we did nothing about their media mouth pieces stoking their fires. Now they are back, in power and the south has risen again.

Those of you who think they are not working to resurrect the days when blacks were enslaved, you just aren’t paying attention.  The White Supremacist Shadow government has put itself in position, and the only question is how long will we allow them to remain?

Well that is what I love about commentary from TBA. When addressing the black community, he does so with enough love to be honest. Black people are not focused on the white supremacists that are putting themselves in place. Instead, too many black people are watching Real Housewives, Love and Hip Hop or some other time wasting activity.  Also, just as Yvett Carnell recently pointed out in a great conversation about black people’s lack of wealth, too many black people are afraid.  Jason Whitlock is mentioned in this commentary as well, and how there is always a paycheck for a coon. If you’re willing to get on television and bash a black father, and help tear down black heroes – you’ll be rewarded.

At least, many of them think.

Tiger Woods has been getting his Nigga Wake Up call for years now. In spite of deciding he isn’t black, the rest of society has. Recently he was arrested under suspicion of a DUI, and on his file his race was listed as … black.  Leadership is a huge puzzle piece that is missing, as many black people are unwilling to follow other black people.  For every black person talking about the condition of black people today, you’ll find several of them are beefing with one another. Their followers are beefing as well.

Yet all of that is planned. It’s going to take several years to undo all that has been done to black people.  It will also take several black leaders willing to withstand the storm.  The confederate monuments continue to tell us where we are. Until they are all removed this war we are in will continue. As long as they stand, generations will come to ask who is that? This allows for the narratives to be told – which are often false narratives.  This is a part of our history that should only be remembered in history books, and should be shamed more than it is.

However, that too will take time, especially if we’re honest about where we are right now.