Jefferson Davis Confederate President

Down Goes Jefferson Davis: with Commentary from Tariq Nasheed

Yesterday the Statue of Jefferson Davis finally came tumbling down. These ancient symbols of American Terrorism of blacks and all non-whites continue to haunt this nation. As new generations are born in the South, and are brainwashed to believe that their Confederate Flag means anything but ‘we hate Niggers & Yankees’ these cycles of hate continue.

Look no further than the Timeline of Tariq Nasheed for some of the best reactions to yesterday’s historic events.

Those two tweets alone, sum up everything I would possibly want to say.  Jefferson Davis was not a good person, at all.  Watch footage from RT Confederate Flag waiving white people refer to New Orleans as “White Chocolate City”, and a “god forsaken city” as they watch the statue of Jefferson Davis get Removed.  They’re also still crying for, Loretta Lynch to be put in prison? They really are upset that America dared put a black President in Office!

Raw Footage from the Associated Press: The Jefferson Davis Statue is Removed.

We’ve been covering the Confederate Flag Discussion here on SoPoCo.  We’ve gone to great lengths already to explain why people are defending this flag, and flat out lying about what it symbolizes.  Personally, I feel that if they want to fly this disrespectful flag, they should at least own up to how they feel about race.   While the Civil War was a complex war, fought for more than ‘just’ race, the right to own slaves, and so forth – it was a huge aspect of what divided the North from the South.

Some might say the North found ways to make money without enslaving blacks. They were pioneering a ‘new method’ of slavery, one that would encompass Classes of people. The racists in the North were thinking of smarter ways to discriminate, so that whites would still stay on top.  The people of the South just didn’t like what any of that meant for business. Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederates who broke away from the Union.

These people were, for lack of a better or kinder word – Traitors.

Not that these slave owners, rapists and thieves are deserving of a ‘better’ description. If I could find a better way to state it, that Jefferson Davis and his Confederate army were a threat to the Union I would. So much of the prosperity this nation has enjoyed has come from the decision for the North and South to stop fighting, and work together.

For a time, that peace has lasted. But, they’ve always told us that the South would Rise again.

The problem with ignorant thinking like this, is instead of a United Nation, we’re still very much a Divided one. A Nation Divided, will fall. It’s just how things go. If we’re not actually ‘all’ on the same page, it leaves us open to just about anything else that is United to rise up in it’s place.

Enter …. The Republic “Cult” of Kekistan. (The Fall of America’s Empire)

“We’re in a period of Chaos. And in a period of Chaos the time horizon shrinks” – Jordan Peterson – watch the Full Interview which discusses Gender Pronouns & Transgenders; The Gender Unicorn and Kek. Which is an interesting conversation about how LGBTQ often takes what happens to “Blacks” as a way to gain more ‘rights’ for their group. Problems that are born out of NOT properly addressing this original sin of racism towards blacks in America.