The Return of Ghostrider and Agents of Shield

The Return Review: Agents of Shield Season 4: Episode 21

Let’s get into this week’s Agents of Shield, Season 4 Episode 4 The Return!

It’s been an amazing season for the people who have been watching this show from the beginning. It’s never too late for you to go back to the beginning and catch up!  The Return, was an incredible show in a season that continues to pay off plots that were set up throughout the past few seasons. It’s Marvel, and just as they have successfully created a Movie Cinematic Universe of interwoven plots, as well as a Netflix Universe – what they’ve done on ABC in this show has been the same, if not better.

The Return, proves that Agents of Shield could possibly be one of the best written shows on television.

As usual, the show title tends to be Relevant.  In The Return, we get to see our Agents finally waking up from being plugged into the Framework.

Watching as they slowly readjust to the real world, they admit that they can still feel the entire ‘life’ of The Framework. For those who were curious as to how they’d respond after the end of last week’s show, “Bye Bye Cruel World” the writers answered all those questions.

Fitz is unsure of himself in The Return. He is thinking bout all the horrible things he did within that program and is disappointed with himself.  As Jemma and Daisy find out, upon the return to reality, a lot has happened!  The LMD’s have gone wild, in the real world and once again Shield is not on the good side!  The shaky relationship with the government is again, damaged.  Also Jemma is entirely unsure of how she feels about Fitz, and vice versa.

Then there is the big Question we all wondered about.

Why didn’t Daisy just knock Mack out and drag him into the pool?  Well, the writers explained that too, through the perspective of YoYo.  We got Daisy explaining to YoYo that Mack didn’t want to leave. His daughter who died in the real world, and only YoYo knew about was alive in there. YoYo immediately went from angry as fuck, to entirely understanding what her man is going through. She, at the end goes into the Framework to rescue him.

Setting up a Finale with all kinda shit that we cannot wait to have answered!

Will Mack get out?  Is he going to make the return to the real world or remain inside the framework? Is YoYo going to be able to rescue him?  Is Ophelia (AIDA) going to calm down, or go haywire like the Phoenix? (X-Men Mutants) And what in the hell is Ghostrider about to do, as we saw him make the Return to this dimension as the closing scene! Check out a pretty decent review below from AfterBuzzTV. This is a good review from people who actually watch the show.

Season 4 of Agents of Shield has been outstanding.

We met Aida at the end of Season 3 when she was a Robot (like Ultron). The season begins with Ghostrider, and we learn about a Marvel Character that’s been very popular in the comics. The “Spirit of Vengence” has chosen several different people to ‘live’ through and carry out justice. Unfortunately he has to carry this out on his own Uncle. Saving you backstory, all of what it took to defeat the Uncle, led to Aida getting ‘hold’ of the Darkhold. These scenes with Fitz and Ophelia after they woke up from the Framework, and AIDA finally ‘being human’.

Ophelia (Aida) and Fitz in The Return

More from this show; after all that Fitz did inside the Framework, including how he treated Jemma – lead to this conversation.  “You understand that my love will never fade.” – in this scene so many more questions are answered. Especially Jemma’s who is watching the conversation take place. Shit got super real after this!

This is a book, similar to what we saw in Doctor Strange.

Dr. Strange Book of Spells
Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE..Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)..Photo Credit: Film Frame ..©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

The knowledge in the book led to enabling Aida to create the Framework. This Framework, literally kept the Agents at bay long enough for her to create a Human body for herself.  She’s so intelligent that she gave this body Inhuman genes & multiple abilities. She’s literally set up to be quite a force ‘if’ she makes it to Season 5!  Then, there is ‘The Superior’, which they set up for us this season as well. This is a ‘Russian’ that we met early in the season who had ‘beef’ with Coulson. Aida saved him before going into the Framework, after losing a battle with Coulson. She made an LMD of the Superior, then left his head in a ‘jar’. She gave him the Darkhold and this whole time he’s been reading through it, while making who knows how many LMD’s.

This SOUNDS a whole lot like a major Marvel Villain, named Modok.

Modok goes on to create AIM. So far we’ve only seen Roxxon & Hydra in the MCU. Its about time for AIM To make it’s apperance too. For anyone who’s heard the term “it’s all connected” when referring to Marvel, I really hope you’ve been tuned in to this show.

From what I can see, how could there ‘not’ be a Season 5 of Agents of Shield?  After the Season 4 Finale, we will all be on pins and needles, awaiting for announcements on The Return of one of the best Shows ‘in’ the Marvel Universe. Did you watch the show and did you enjoy it too? Sound off on your favorite moments from Season 4 below.