Jeff Sessions DOJ is Unjust

Sessions DOJ: More Injustice Alton Sterling and Walter Scott

Before I get started, rest in peace to unarmed, innocent black men killed in this nation. Rest in Peace Alton Sterling, who’s killers will not be prosecuted. Already we are seeing that a Jeff Sessions DOJ will be nothing short of the injustice America has witnessed for far too long. Meanwhile we see a direct parallel unfold at the same time.

Rest in Peace to Walter Scott, who was murdered while trying to run away from a police officer. Like so many instances when this happens, no charges were brought against the officer by the state. The DOJ was under Obama however, and Loretta Lynch took up that case.

They pressed charges and thankfully, the killer of Walter Scott has plead guilty. Now we are all hoping that he will serve time for the murder of an innocent man. It’s still not entirely what we’d like to see (the actual murder charge was some how dropped) but it’s better than nothing at all.

Roland Martin talks about the violation of Walter Scott’s civil rights.

(Part of the plea deal, 2 federal charges were dropped. The murderer could face up to life in prison or as little as 12 months – but we’re still awaiting to see what he gets.)

This news came at the same time, that we learned this new Sessions DOJ would not file charges against Alton Sterling’s Killers.

We knew this would be a possibility after we saw Jeff Sessions in Full Klan mode. His eyes wild, and bucking. His excitement to be talking to the men and women of law enforcement was visible and palpable. If he wasn’t pushing 156 years old I’d swear he had a hard on. Blue Lives Matter is all the viagra he needs.

Let’s all hope for a miracle, as this is not a good message for the melanated people of this nation, from the Department of Justice.

These ‘investigations’ mostly happen to appease people. Time and time again, nothing gets done. Racist white people are all over the internet saying Alton Sterling was a criminal. In their minds, he deserved to die outside that store that day, because he was convicted of a crime. Thing is, none of us know that story or what was involved. For all we know, he took a plea deal and never actually committed the crime. Yet, how is it relevant to what he was doing on the day he was murdered?

Naturally this question will not be answered logically by anyone who is a white supremacist. They believe black life does not matter, and fully support cops committing treason on black people.

Sadly another police officer recently murdered yet, another unarmed black man. This time a teenager named Jordan Edwards. His hopes and dreams sent to his grave, with his family left to cope with his loss. The people who are doing this to black people, are inhumane.

While we wait to see if the local government will do the right thing, too many of us have an idea of what a Jeff Sessions DOJ will do. Most likely, nothing at all.  Getting a glimpse of what a Sessions DOJ looks like isn’t pleasing at all. Thankfully, I’m not the only person that is concerned.