Green Party Candidates Options or Opposition?

Green Party In Red vs. Blue Reality

Does the Green Party exist to take votes away from the democratic party?  It’s #ChessNotCheckers out here; Politics isn’t pretty; it’s not what we ‘hope’ for it to be. it is, what it is.Democrat, republican, two wings of the same bird; yea … that’s what it is alright; The ‘system’ we are in, is a Democracy; with 3 branches that check one another; and ‘the game’ really and truly is to get YOUR PEOPLE into positions of power; AND keep them from being FLIPPED to other people’s positions — it really is, an entire, very involved, game.

Quick Video from RT America on The Green Party (Controlled Opposition?)

The #GreenParty tends to serve as a distraction, in the way that it exists right now; and so would any other ‘political party’ that takes away ‘the vote’ from the two main political parties. Again, the issue is numbers. If somehow Millions of people started to identify AS another political party — which is where I tend to disagree with several outspoken ‘conscious community ‘members who tell black people not to vote, at all.

Not participating, just allows the people who WILL participate to get ‘their way’ … and if this ‘voting thing’ is the system we have, we have to do what we can, with the system we have been given.  We gotta play the hand we’ve been dealt; This is the system we are under; and unless there is an entire overhaul …. we gotta learn to play THIS game, better than we’ve played it … according to the rules that exist; not the rules ‘we wish’ were in place.

Twitter lit up last night, in response to the Green Party impacting the vote in Ohio.

Shouldn’t have to say that but; it’s 2018, and all their plans to dumb down society have worked;

No offense or anything; anybody that isn’t voting, is not interested in that part of society, is not as ‘educated’ as they think they are. We gotta deal in reality not fantasy ……

We gotta vote people into power who ‘have our best interests’ in mind; But also; we need to understand that our system, very much includes Lobbyists and Corporations with money who seek to Influence these people in positions of power; So we cannot ignore Economic Empowerment for black people ….. this is how black politicians – athletes – entertainers – and other social influencers get ‘bought out’; or SELL out; b/c our community doesn’t have the same dollar amount for them as … an outsider does…. #Emotion is not #Logical :: and the emotional draw of a Lavish Lifestyle usually beats the ‘idealism’ of standing for Principles ……..

Even though I’m speaking mostly to a black audience, these words apply to anyone who wants to live in a better society.

A big challenge faced by our society, is the racism white people cause within.  Racist people still reside in positions of power throughout our nation.  These ideas are not being challenged and so they continue to cause problems throughout every level of society.

Racism didn’t end with the Civil War, or the changes to Jim Crow laws. Racism is alive and well in our nation, and mostly resides in the “Republican party”.  Unfortunately we do see White moderates in the Liberal/Democratic party that slow down progress as well. This is where the two wings of the same bird argument comes into play.  Specifically with the Green Party, often, mostly being made up of white people.  Yes, racism is even playing ‘a role’ in people voting for 3rd party candidates…. 

An article I linked above shows that whites tend to be more into voting 3rd party than are non-whites. This is how white moderates roll by being non committal. Knowing that white supremacist policies will, mostly benefit them, they figure it’s best to wash their hands.  Playing it safe for self centered reasons.

The September poll, which included responses from 1,851 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30—1,279 of whom were nonwhite—found that white millennials support third-party candidates at higher rates than nonwhites do.  – GenFoward Report Final Report On Millienial Voting patterns

Lewis Black says – Go be racist in the closet!

Ok he’s not really saying that, but, this is sorta of perfect for this green party discussion. In so many ways, whites try to rationalize racism. They look for ways to believe another white person is just not as racist as ‘they sound’. (Read about whites letting other whites off the hook for racism here: How Racism works.)  This leads to the problem of not ever solving the problem. Whites tend to pretend the problem isn’t what the problem is.  The green party isn’t big enough to solve any of these problems. The old traditional parties, are the only route, at this time. 

Because in a democracy, majority rules.