Pastor Darrell Scott Cooning

Pastor Darrell Scott Certified Coon: Paid Puppet of Trump Campaign

Pastor Darrel Scott is a coon. He is a tom, a sell out, or whatever term you want to use. Black people who have a ‘problem’ with black people calling out coons, are probably coons themselves. Now that we have covered that base, let us ‘go back’ in time to a debate between Pastor Darrel Scott and Rev. Al Sharpton.  You will notice he uses ‘all the tactics’ that white supremacists use. It’s what you see from Diamond and Silk, and Paris Dennard. These black people are all following a ‘certain way’ of doing things.

That includes, cutting people off while they are talking.

Pastor Darrel Scott jumps in over and over, to twist what Rev. Al Sharpton says.

This discussion gets off the rails quickly, which is what Coons do. They are loud, intrusive and argumentative.

When Rev. Sharpton responds to the ‘criticism’ that ‘black leaders’ will not meet with the President, saying that the person holding up that meeting is Trump, Scott takes the discussion into a circle. The circular argument, that goes around and around, and never comes to a conclusion, is a coveted ‘move’ by white supremacists…. and their toms.

Pastor Darell Scott ignores what Sharpton says, about Trump needing to agree to Sharpton’s terms, and not just do a photo opp… by focusing ont he photo opp comment.

“It doesn’t just have to be a photo opp ….”   he says….

As if that isn’t what Rev. Sharpton just got done saying.  It is frustrating to talk to these kinds of people and yet, that is their entire goal, to frustrate you.  These coons are chaos agents, and all of them operate the same way.   Rather than allow the ‘point’ to be made, that Trump will not meet with Sharpton, and other Civil Rights Leaders on their terms, Scott continues to accuse Sharpton of running from that meeting….

“Well when is that meeting going to happen??” — he asks, with a dumfounded look on his face ….  over and over … regardless of the answer given. (Circular argument) – Then Sharpton hits him with the “Top Gang Leaders” meeting that was supposed to happen with Pastor Scott and Trump. This meeting has never taken place, but you’ll hear Scott ‘claim’ he held a meeting with these top gang leaders. Of course, there is no footage of this meeting …. and Scott goes on to ‘also’ say the meeting is ‘still’ going to happen.

This coon continues to talk about what Trump is ‘Going to do” … and not once does he ever give us any Documentation on what Trump has already done, for black people.  I’m writing this on the heels of articles today, quoting Pastor Scott for saying Trump is the “Most Pro Black President Ever” … which is total hogwash; the media outlets that are spewing it on repeat should be ashamed. Their goal is to get views and viewers, and ‘shock value statements’ like that go a long way. Trumps base, will ignore whether this statement is true, and simply rally around it. This will include, other coons.  They will give props and admiration to the statement, even though it’s completely void of any facts.

Including the fact that Pastor Darrell Scott never met with any “Top Gang Thugs” ….

Pastors from Ohio, have never heard of him. The ‘one’ that vouched for him, even went as far as to include the disclaimer …. that ‘time will tell’ … in concerns to his sincerity. Meanwhile, Father Michael Phflager, who is in the CBS video above, has been working in the streets of Chicago to reduce violence for several years now.  He’s been putting in work, building relationships, and speaking out about these matters. It’s not a situation of what they are ‘going to do’ – they are out here doing it. 

When white supremacists and their coon puppets yell out ‘what about Chicago’, ask them what they know about Father Michael Phflager. – “Freedom and Justice is on the way, and we’re not going to stop” …  (below video from a protest he organized, protesting violence in Chicago, and policies that lead to the conditions that contribute)

Going along with this discussion … Spike Lee and Father Phflager discuss Chicago

He describes the ’causes of violence in Chicago’ as a growing sense of hopelessness. How does a Trump administration that puts Jeff Sessions, who’s been in Full Klansman mode, at the head of the legal system, give black people more hope?  When we see Trump tell police to go ahead and be rough with people they arrest, how does that make black people feel hopeful?  I agree with Spike Lee that, black people ‘also’ have to address black people harming other black people.  However, the reality is, black on black crime, is caused by white on black crime.

… all of this being said, when has Trump sat down with Spike Lee, or Father Michael Phlager, being that they have been addressing these issues, Pastor Darrell Scott ‘says’ Trump cares about?  He’s arguing with Rev. Sharpton, making shit up, and spinning the discussion in all sorts of distracted destinations….  while lying about Trump’s desire to ‘do’ anything for black people.  Donald Trump has no thought in his mind about making life ‘better’ for black people. Their idea of ‘doing something about violence’ is locking MORE black people up.  The only Prison Reform Donald Trump or the black Coons he surrounds himself with are interested in, is finding ways to keep blacks locked up for longer periods of time.

However, back to the point I was making, why isn’t Trump meeting with people who have BEEN WORKING on the issue he ‘says’ he cares about?  It’s all Rhetoric, that’s why.

… Going full circle, this is what Spike Lee had to say, about Donald Trump. Spike Lee was talking about Charlottesville, where our Rev. Al Sharpton clip picks up.  After Shaprton called trumps “both sides” nonsense out a “Missed Opportunity” … Pastor Darrell Scott decided to say ‘that conversation can still happen though….’ ….  because that’s his job. That is the Role the puppet plays for the master … the white man with his hand up his black ass.

“That was a murder…..” – Spike Lee, talking at a presser for his upcoming film, “BlacKkKlansman”, where he called Donald Trump “That Mother Fucker” for refusing to denounce the Klan, The Alt-Right, and ‘Those Nazi Motha Fuckas” ….. He skipped out on the chance to tell the world that this is NOT what America stands for; but instead, Trump let America down, as he and his base continue to do, every single day….   Pastor Darrell Scott is a motha fucking coon … and we all need to pay attention to the black people we know, that are cooning too. None of them mean us any good. Historically, they have always helped the white man do his dirt to the rest of us…. 

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