Blacks and Blockchain Technology

Blacks And Blockchain Technology

Blacks and Blockchain Technology: Overcoming Racism, Tribalism, and Financial Struggles through Blockchain. The discussions being held at Howard University, via the Black Blockchain Summit, are worth taking time to watch. Below, is a feed from facebook, that you’ll want to set aside time for. Please understand, as black people in America, this may be one way to overcome all that is constantly thrown at black people. Whether you fully understand this technology or not, it is going to be integral to the future of economics. This panel features a diverse discussion on using bitcoin, and blockchain for empowerment.

Start Education on this topic, as soon as possible.

When I look into most blockchain events, the attendance is mostly white. Once again, black people are being ‘left out’ of these conversations. What’s Beautiful to see here, is that black people are having their own events. This is sort of the freedom that this technology presents. NO one owns it, and so anyone can start holding meetings and discussing this technology together. So that means you can start educating yourself, and your community now.

Senator Ian Conyers made an appearance. He said, ‘we can all have our own opinions, but we cannot have our own facts’.

It’s great to see people of this ‘level’ involved in these conversations too, as ‘regulations’ came up. This new way of using currency is supposed to free us from government regulations, and control. We all have to remain watchful, as this develops.

Reach out to Peer Groups, and find other black people who are talking about blockchain technology

Blacks and Blockchain technology is a solution that is right on time.

Just as I talked about most of the ‘blockchain meet ups’ are mostly white, so are most online discussions. Reddit, a site notorious for it’s alt-right membership, is full of non-blacks, talking blockchain technology.

If you’re ‘too pro-black’, they won’t reward you with the same kind of attention, love or support that they do for ‘their peers’ ….

So keeping this in mind, groups like Koinda (formerly Wacoinda), which help foster an educational environment about blockchain technology, with a focus on helping black people benefit, are right on time.

A few other groups are mentioned in the panel we shared above – the options are there, for those who are looking!

 A few other Blacks and Blockchain Technology Outlets you’ll want to tun into include ::

KRBE – The Gentlemen of Crypto

The Modern Investor


At South by Southwest, in March 2018 a panel took place also, to discuss what black people are doing with blockchain technology.  Read more about Tech Bigotry that blacks often face – and how blacks are moving to overcome this with Boss moves!

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