Covering Trump : Media Suggestions for how to Get Better

Covering Trump: Robert Reich Makes 9 Suggestions

Covering Trump: It’s no secret that the media has been more than complicit in the election and protection of Donald Trump.  The way they have covered him, has helped volley him into a position of power, that has the nation truly divided.  This is not a good path for us as a nation, and we have to sit down, and think long and hard. Hate for one another is not going to leave the ‘nation unitied’, and makes us an easy target for a stronger nation….

So, enter Robert Reich, as he makes “suggestions” for how the Media should be Covering Trump

This isn’t really a bad list of suggestions for covering Trump.  Unfortunately too many people in our nation rely on what the news outlets have to say. 

Robert Reich is attempting to give the ‘media’ a road-map to better journalism.  With a long history of working in politics, he more than most, understands how vital a role they play. Below is a break down of the suggestions Robert Reich makes in the video from his facebook page. 

How the Media “Should” Be Covering Trump: by Robert Riech

  1. Stop Treating Trump’s Tweets as News; they’re not news.
  2. Don’t Believe A Word That comes out of His Mouth
  3. Don’t Fall For the Reality TV Stunts and Photo Opps he Pulls.
  4. Do Not Allow His Hate Speech, Insults, Divisive Talk, divert Attention Away from What He’s Doing
  5. Focus On what He Is Actually doing; using the Office to enrich his businesses; and so much more
  6. Stop reporting on the Republican Party; Report on Fox News, his outlet to spread hate and division
  7. Keep Track of what his Cabinet is doing: Namely Jeff Sessions and Betsy Devos.
  8. Don’t let “Balanced Reporting” go Against you; Not all Guests deserve a Seat on The Roundtable
  9. Finally, Don’t let him rattle you. Stay calm. Keep expressing actual truth….

My thoughts on these suggestions about How the Media should be Covering Trump:

Although these are great suggestions, it’s unlikely ‘the media’ will take any of these into consideration.  They’re already complicit in all that goes on, not just here but worldwide. They take orders from higher sources, so really these suggestions are for the rest of us.

Too many blogs, and social commentaries, follow the main stream agendas. We repeat what they’ve already reported on. More of us, need to do even better at ensuring what we share with you is ‘not more of the same’.  Same thing goes on, on twitter, facebook and more. All of us are turning into ‘echo chambers’.  This guideline from Robert Reich is a great one, for anyone interested in real journalism.

Believe it or not, people are influenced by what they read, and hear.  IF mainstream outlets won’t be more responsible, the rest of us need to pick up that slack.  Do you like or agree with these 9 suggestions for covering Trump? Sound off in the comments –