Black men not protecting black women; but do they listen to black men?

Black Men Not Protecting Black Women Narratives are Divisive: Must End

Are black men not protecting black women or is something else going on? We are about to dive into this topic but I expect I’ll have to write even more to drive this point home. I’ll be sure to link to past articles on as well. The following is a response to a black woman on facebook, talking about how she’s still mad over several incidents in the past few weeks. 

These incidents, to her and several black women, all suggest more and more evidence of black men not protecting black women.

She named the “Surviving R. Kelly doc”, the Black woman fighting at McDonalds, and the little black girl, Jasmine Barnes who was killed in a drive by shooting in Houston.  She is not alone in suggesting that these incidents prove black men are not protecting black women. This running, very negative and divisive narrative has been gaining momentum for the past couple years.  Mostly stemming from the “Black men ain’t shit” narrative, which has also been very destructive to the black community. My thoughts, are below: 

I’m gonna just be real; Black women need to stop playing into the white man’s hands with this “black men aren’t protecting us” narrative.

Black men have been telling black women to leave R. Kelly alone for at least 20 years; Black women do not Listen to what black men say tho… black women refuse to ‘follow’ a black man’s lead; it’s called ‘controlling’ if a black man tells a woman what music to listen to, how to dress, where she should hang out, and when — like not going to gas stations at night alone; Saw a video the other day a bunch of thirsty negroes with no home training all up on a girl at the gas station; All those men were wrong; but i’m sure she had a daddy or a uncle or a brother or prolly even a man who told her ‘don’t go to gas stations at night by yourself’ — and she went anyway.

The biggest supporter of R. Kelly has been black women; Just look at the most recent concerts and you’ll see Black women Rubbing their hands all IN his crotch; We BEEN known he was a monster for 20 years tho; y’all do not listen to us; Then comes the McDonalds issue; again, black men DID Step in; not sure why people keep saying none helped; a black man is literally seen pulling the white man off of her; same time, those are “kids” working at McDonalds; and as several people have pointed out, as black women Help push for the effeminization of black men, FEWER black men will act “like Men” — as black women support Madea, and other black men in dresses acting like women – more than they support Old Male Roles;

Black women have to stop with all this nonsense, only to turn around and blame black MEN for what we are supposedly ‘not’ doing when the truth is, black women are not allowing us to do it – y’all have to make up your minds and take some responsibility for what you are out here doing – if you want our protection you have to work ‘with’ us and not ‘against’ us; we cannot protect women who are so independent that they continue to put themselves in harms way, even though Men have asked them not to;

Essentially men have told black women not to touch the hot stove and you respond with ‘no man about to tell me what to do’ – you touch the hot stove anyway; BURN your hands; then say “why the black man didn’t protect me from this hot stove????” —- it needs to stop. (end of initial response….)

Let’s go deeper, and look at a few of these incidents that sparked her anger at black men this morning…

Look close and you’ll notice a Black MAN is there the entire time; he even tries to pull her away ‘before’ the incident began….

It all happened super fast; For all ‘we’ know the black men in there knew the white guy was mentally not all there. So that is most likely why her co worker, a black man was attempting to pull her Away ‘before’ things escalated. He moved too slow….  BUT was there the ENTIRE time; First he tries to pull his coworker away, realizes the white man is holding her, then goes directly to the white man to pull him OFF of her; So why have so many black women looked at this video, and responded with saying black men were not protecting her?

I’m baffled, to be honest. A black man is here, the entire time.

Then more black men moved into the frame, just in case the white man wanted more smoke. 4 black men can be seen moving into the frame just in case this white man did anything else. All of them are in ‘ready to act’ positions.  Again, black women everywhere (who are saying no one protected her) – what are you doing?

Why are you using this incident to suggest black men were not there, when black men are clearly visible in the video?  You wanted those black men to do even MORE to the white man? Is that it? He didn’t get enough of a beat down?  To say black men were not there to protect her, is a reach. I’m upset at all black women pushing this narrative as it does nothing but divide us.

You even have black men jumping on the narrative, as usual, to try and earn points with women. Willing to degrade their own gender and further harm our relationships with one another, for ‘hope’ of personal gain. Some of you will get that later….

The case of Jasmine Barnes is heart breaking stuff.

Here is her father, asking for someone to help resolve this.

Since he spoke, a black man was arrested for the murder of Jasmine Barnes. He says he thought he was shooting at someone else.  A sad case, of mistaken identity.  Now, this issue of violence in our communities, is that also just the black man’s fault too? Are we going to ignore the women in our communities who date thugs, and prefer a gangster over a ‘nice’ man? — Yes — That is exactly what black women are doing.

However, to be fair – the “Nice guy Finishes Last” is a saying that applies to all races. Women really do prefer bad men, over good ones. This creates all sorts of problems throughout society – even encourages men to act badly, immorally, and so on, because studies have shown, women like it.  How exactly are black men going to protect black women, when the very world we live in, encourages men to engage in thug activities? … again, that’s across the board. Every Alt-Right KKK hate filled ‘man’ has a white woman by his side; Show me a gangster from Sinaloa or any Mexican cartel and I’ll show you a cadre of women by their side.

Naturally they say it’s for Protection, as well ….

I have more to say about that issue – but for now, let’s close this out with a RECENT performance of R. Kelly.

Who’s hands do you see all over his crotch?

Again, how are black men going to protect black women from a monster that so many WILLINGLY want to be around?

I actually have not watched “Surviving R. Kelly” … like a lot of men, I’m wondering why the ‘sudden outrage’ …. I’m old enough to remember when Aaliyah first hit the scene, with Age ain’t nothing but a Number. He’s been controversial his entire career. When the pee tape came out, for me I was done. Look up that year – now tell me what took the rest of you so long?

Then tell me how are black men supposed to protect black women, when several of us told you to leave him alone, way back then?

Black women have to stop being so willing to play into the white man’s plans.

That is all I see going on here.

Black women are not taking out anger at the white owned establishments that allowed R. Kelly to perform. They are not upset with the white owned record labels that continue to pay and produce him; distributing his music to all the radio stations. Black women are not upset at these radio stations at all…  Black women are not upset at white police officers who take black men out of homes, in various ways.  They’re letting white people off the hook for all they have done to the black men, in order to ‘create’ these issues between black men and women.

In reality, black people of all demographics have supported Kelly. As noted in the documentary, the same day he pleaded not guilty to the child sex tape charge, he went to a church event in Chicago, where he performed alongside children, and was embraced by the congregation there.

McGruder overstepped the theme of “we are all responsible” by including the 14-year-old victim in his courtroom scene. (In the real trial, the girl identified as the alleged victim denied it was her in the video.) – a NY Times article on how Boondocks and Dave Chappelle told us about R. Kelly; and pointed out the Problem too – that we all (men and women) allowed this to go on

Dear black women: Before you continue to spew the negative narrative about black men Not protecting black women, please stop. Think about the harm you are doing TO black relationships.  Take a moment to think about all the black men you are turning away with commentary such as this. Even fewer black men will ‘want’ to protect black women if this continues, as those who do and continue to protect black women are ignored, or cast to the side. When people are unappreciated, they often stop doing what they were doing.  That’s exactly what the white man wants.

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