medieval wall of trump

The Medieval Wall That Shut Down America (Senator Michael Bennet Goes Off on Lying Ted)

Let’s get into the Medieval Wall Almost unbelievable what is going on in America and yet, very believable at the same time. Today an incredible ‘speech’ was given down on Capital Hill.  Senator Michael Bennet had a problem with comments from Senator Ted Cruz. So ironic that ‘lying Ted’ would support 45, who gave him such a character damaging nickname.  For anyone who believed Trump about Ted Cruz being nothing but a no good, dirty liar, why do they believe him now?

“Shut Down over a Medieval Wall, and a Promise Trump Could Not Keep” – Sen. Michael Bennet on Day 34

Seemingly the ‘greatness of America’ is all but disappearing. Senator Bennett points out that China is landing on the darkside of the moon. Other nations are advancing in all areas of economic power and Our economy is getting worse. Our society is getting worse too and we have so much work to do, to get back to a place of sanity. America should have been the first ones to ‘shed light’ on the dark side of the moon, but we can’t even solve our legal system issues.  We can’t seem to take care of one another, let alone think ‘beyond’ the borders of our globe. All while a segment of America seeks to take this nation ‘backwards’ to a time when only white people could do anything.

Would love to say I told you so, but people aren’t even listening right now, it would seem.

Multiple times, Trump has denied even making the statement that Mexico would pay for his Medieval Wall.  He’s now even claiming that his new Nafta Deal includes money he can use, to build a wall. (Forbes examines if the new nafta can ….) But, will a wall even work to do the things he’s been claiming?  Will building a  medieval wall, make ‘crime fall’, as he tweeted out just the other night?

Crime is only coming from South of the Border? These narratives are insane…. we all know that America’s violence has mostly come from Within our borders. White men pose the biggest threats of violence to society. White men happen to be in so many positions of power so they often they get ‘away’ with their crimes. As do the white women who are by their sides, Bonnie & Clyde style.  As usual, instead of dealing with the violence from white society, our nation finds ways to condone or ignore it all together.

This is why we can’t get shit done…. this is why we’ve never been great….  racism holds us back; shapes the ideas and priorities of those in power…. the majority of white society.

Americans are not even concerned with achieving real greatness; free energy, a truly wealthy society – Instead we have Wealth inequality; at historic levels right now….  I love that Senator Michael Bennet tied this to slavery… because we never got over it. Our nation is still fighting a Cold civil war.

Why are we ‘okay’ with this?

Simply because America had nerve to allow black people to have rights. Too many white people are consumed with racism to focus their energies on truly building a great nation. That isn’t even a concern of theirs. IN fact, the whites who continue to RUN from dealing with racism would be far less ‘frustrated’ and confused by their political colleagues. Perhaps the white moderates feel that even if they sit back, do nothing, and Russia takes over, enslaving all non-whites, that somehow they will still be okay.

This caught my attention :

I decided I had to go hear the full speech. It’s excellent and I hope you have time to take it all in as well. Democracy isn’t perfect, but like several people have pointed out as of late, it requires participation to work. So people in power do all they can to get you and I not to participate. Sadly, many of the government workers effected by this shutdown right now, are  African American; and while many of us may not like ‘hearing’ or ‘reading’ this, not voting isn’t the best option for us.

If we choose not to participate in America, then America will revert, to Medieval times.

The reality is, any greatness America has ever had, has been a result of the contributions of black people.  I once heard George C. Fraser say that when he looks at all the great things black people have brought to America, perhaps ‘we’ were not ‘brought’ here, but ‘sent’ here….

Those who fight alongside of black people for true equality, have always inspired nations around the world to be more like us.  But those who oppose this nation and the freedom we have been fighting for, over the last 50 years, want to reduce our influence in the world. Now, I doubt this nation is inspiring anyone to be their best selves. That cannot be good for humanity….