Minority Students Do Better On Equal Playing Fields (Bill & Melinda Gates)

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was featured on 60 minutes, and it was eye opening. I knew some of this already but, like ‘me’ Bill Gates was in search of Data. His foundation, with his wife Melinda Gates, has been sending several people from Low income homes to College.

While sitting down to talk about the current results of their foundation, Melinda Gates mentioned that minority students tend to perform better in school, when the playing field is even. Looks like Princeton University is ‘also’ targeting students from low income housing, and are seeing some of the same things. When the pressure of having to pay for college is removed, and these students can just focus on getting results – often they do.

This 60 minutes interview with Bill & Melinda Gates, is worth watching several times.

Removing inequalities are the only way to make America great. That is the argument that is nonstop in this nation. When black people say this nation needs to be better, they are told to move. When whites say this nation needs to be ‘great again’, it’s a slight against diversity. For some reason, they hate seeing black people going to college, getting jobs, being able to be self sufficient.

It’s historical hate, that has been with us for centuries.

We as a nation have not cleaned it up. Every attempt to truly make this nation better, is met with resistence from whites. They, respond by saying that they’re being replaced. There is a fundamental misunderstanding at play.

White people still believe they should hold ALL positions of power in society. This flaw leads them to feel that when a black person gets that position, it’s not ‘the right person’. None of these ideas are shaping a better nation. It does not bring us closer together, but keeps us further apart. Whites, often go in search of white leadership, and away from any leadership that is black.

Then we have black wall street, which is a lasting example – and yet just one of many cities – where black success upset white society. Too often are white people clamoring to tell us, ‘not all white people ….” – but where are the stories of white people who actually took ‘action’ to reverse the wrongs that white people do?

This 60 minutes interview, which also goes to the Princeton University Admissions process, seeking out low income students to extend scholarships to, are ‘some’ examples. These kinds of stories are few and far between. Yet, even now, in 2018, when Princeton makes this move, it’s met with criticism, and anger from whites.

Princeton University, had to ‘defend’ it’s reasons for trying to help out black people. Naturally ‘low income’ also includes people of all races, whites too.

However, for the most part, ‘low income’ tends to mean black … which is a problem all in itself.

The 60 minutes interview featured several students benefiting from this new admission approach.  They call themselves Fli’s, and take great pride in an opportunity that no one around them ever had before. To me, this is how this nation can proactively change the paths too many have been set on, from how the ‘past’ was set up. But even these efforts are met with resistance.

It’s just like when schools were first being integrated.

Images to this day, historically portray the anger of white society at minorities daring to enter their schools.  Now, those angry outbursts are found in comments online. They are also often disguised by other minority groups, claiming that they are the ones being overlooked.  It’s like, we just refuse to go in order of events, and help the people who were destroyed for several generations, before we start trying to fix everyone else.

Minority students 60 minutes (Princeton University)

The Fli’s : First ‘generation’ Low Income – taking pride in their roots while focusing on a better future.

In conclusion, the overall point I’d like to make here, is bigger than Minority Students doing well, when given the chance.  If America wants to truly be a great nation and right the wrongs of it’s past, we need equal playing fields everywhere.  We’e known this for some time now, and yet as a society we’ve resisted. That is why, even these efforts from Bill and Melinda Gates, or Princeton University are met with resistance. That’s what America has been, for way too long. It’s the nation of Inequality.

Whites do not want to give up their advantages.  They want to deny even having them, but we know they know they have them or else these kinds of efforts would not bother them. There seems to be a real fear of being able to compete with blacks and other minorities, if the field is even. That’s truly, a tragedy as the ‘inferiority’ driving their actions, is driving us all further and further apart.  So, what kind of nation do we truly want for ourselves?