michael eric dyson speaks at aretha franklin's homegoing

Michael Eric Dyson At Aretha Franklin Homegoing Service

Talking to the ‘orange apparition’, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson says …. “she didn’t work for you, she worked beyond you! Get your preposition right!” – That’s how I’m going to start this out while introducing some content to you, that needs to be on the pages of SoPoCo.net. This is social political commentary at its very best, as the good Dr. was absolutely in, today. Turning the sad occasion of life transitioning, and speaking at Aretha Franklin’s Homegoing Service, Dr. Dyson reminded us of what ‘use to be’.

I’m going to bless you with the full speech in just a few – but let me say a few words about that ‘clip’ from the USA Today’s twitter page. When Michael Eric Dyson says that some people were absent today, because there was too much blackness in the room, I hollered.  The facts, on top of the facts there – as black people have gained more ‘freedoms’ within white society, the price paid has been silence. Now, entertainers are more interested in glorifying themselves, and their sense of fashion, than committing themselves to progress.  NO longer are they involving themselves in ‘funding’ political movements, as most distance themselves, while listening to their publicists.

Was Michael Eric Dyson throwing shots??

Michael Eric Dyson shooting all facts!!

Aretha Franklin, came from a time when black people didn’t have all these ‘rights’.  This did, in so many ways, force black people who were doing well, to reach back. Then, they understood that being wealthy, by yourself, is not wealth at all. The only way to truly be wealthy, now, and especially back then, is when you are surrounded by others, who are doing ‘well’ too.

That simple aspect is truly missing these days, but the ‘spirit’ lives on through the Vic Mensa’s of the world (who recently gave shoes to kids in Chicago), or the Kendrick Lamar’s (who gives money to his High School in Compton, and other schools in the area). Check out more of what the good doctor, Professor Michael Eric Dyson had to say, at the homegoing service for Music Legend, Icon, and truly one of the greatest African American Women to ever live, Aretha Franklin.

Long live the Queen!!





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