Kamala Harris 2020 Beyond The Black Vote

The other night on facebook, I mentioned that it looks like Kamala Harris is going to walk into that oval office in 2020. This was not meant to be an endorsement of her as a candidate by me. I was simply making an observation of what I was seeing. Just last week, she announced her candidacy on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, holiday. Most of us were off and able to hear it. Not too long after that, she was giving a full state of the union-like address in Oakland, California.  The next night, she was in Iowa, followed up by an appearance on CNN.

To me, it would seem like THIS is the anointed to oppose and detrone Donald Trump. Kamala Harris 2020 –


Dear Black People: We have a long, long way to go before ‘any’ candidate will truly Represent Our needs in this nation.

  1.  We need to organize a Party for black people first;
  2.  We then need to figure out exactly what we want; a list of 5-10 things that we feel will make us ‘whole’ – and that Organization from #1 is who will decide on that … so
  3.  We all need to participate in that organization; which is where we would identify the People who will be Able to argue for our Positions; along with the Supporters who will back them Financially.

There are more steps; but the first 3 are gonna take us at least 20 years. (realistically; that may be a low ball number too) …

There’s so, so much division; we tend to get mad at one another over THE smallest issues; Someone says something to us, when we are out of line; and now We don’t like that person no more; All because we didn’t want to be corrected or criticized (admonished) by another – too many of us feel we are beyond reproach; which makes “Working Together’ a difficult task……..

That’s why I said, what i said about Kamala the other night.

It’s not about who ‘we like’ as black voters; that doesn’t matter; We’re not Organized nearly enough to Matter; we matter as far as ‘appearances’ go; In 2019, black people are still mostly used as ‘pawns’ in the political game.  When asked about being the first black woman to be the President, Kamala was sure to point out, that she’s a “person of color”.

Kamala Harris 2020


Neither party truly serves OUR interests….

That’s where this #Blexit manipulation is stemming from; sadly, most black conservatives really ARE sell outs; (part of the division problem) – they have always made moves to benefit “Self” instead of the “Whole” —- and they’ve really been running on this “The dems ain’t doing nothing for us so we might as well try something else” narrative ….

Even though conservatives, have never done anything for us either; because the way Politics works, is groups truly do, have to do ‘for self’ – and by self; i mean; for the group; ….

The “Tea Party” for example; is a group of white people within the conservative party who Organized themselves – and started putting THEIR people in office; it took them about 10-15 years to put (and keep) Trump in office – (Obama began running in 2006) —- this ‘climate’ we are in, is very much the product of their organizing, politically.

That is the “New Fuel” Kamala Harris spoke on, when responding to the very first question posed to her; about Racism.   We have to take it seriously, as Harris says – but politicians often say one thing, but do another. While serving in California, her political record has most of Black America worried.  Many, are outspoken in their opposition to her as the Candidate to go against Trump. Already, ‘division’ has been fueled, among the black voting population. Black ‘Greek’ Fraternities & Sororities are backing Harris regardless of the disappointing political record.

“We Can’t accept False Choices. When someone is murdered or raped there does need to be punishment for those crimes…. There is so much more to do, and do I wish I would have done more? I do wish I would have done more …” – Kamala Harris

The second question posed to Kamala Harris goes directly to what seems, to be a ‘contradictory stance’ on being about law reform.  She admits, that the legal system is deeply flawed and in need of repair. While a lot of her ‘negative’ stances have come to light, she responded by pointing out the ‘positive’ stances she’s implemented. Kamala denied ‘opposing’ a bill that came up to prosecute police that need to be prosecuted.  Claiming her policy was to abstain from voting on certain policy, but hopefully she learned and won’t repeat that mistake.

Other topics Kamala Harris addressed, included the Medieval Wall Trump shut down the government over. Inhumane treatment of illegal immigrants at our borders, and the separation of families also came up. Stating this is ‘not the American way’, when it actually is and has been the American way, stood out to me. The way Kamala answers questions makes it clear her focus isn’t solely on the black votes.

Clearly, regardless of if black voters support (at this time) her candidacy, she’s ready to assume the lead in this race.