Joel Osteen at his church

Reactions to Joel Osteen Church Shooting Are Wrong

Let’s get into the reactions to the shooting at Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston, Texas. Many of the reactions I saw were wrong. For quite some time now a growing segment of our society really hates church and churches.  America is not the bible thumping nation it once was, as church attendance has been in a downtrend for the past decade.  I believe that plays the biggest role in the reactions I’ve seen, which are entirely wrong. Many feeling that, Joel had it coming, for closing his church during a flood a few years back.

Churches are not Shelters however –

I know that may seem counterintuitive to many. That is the disconnect I’m witnessing. Because people aren’t really going to church like that, the understanding of what church is, what it does, what it is supposed to be, is just not there. Too many people have ideas of what they feel a church should be, do, have etc.  Overwhelmingly the vast majority of opinions I see expressed are just not that well informed.

You cannot tell them that though. They swear they are right and are unwilling to hear anyone else out. No matter how flawed their argument is, there are plenty who will agree with it.  Usually that is all the vindication that they need. So again, let’s get into it.

Firstly, it’s never ok for someone to go into any place and start shooting.  We don’t say it’s justified when a shooter kills innocent kids at school, or innocent adults at a dance hall studio. To say it’s justified when it happens in a church, is an idiotic view. It’s a dangerous view that immediately puts people who still go to church in harms way.

As a society we need to take a stand against all people who express these kind of views.

Whether you go to church, believe in God or not, it does not give you the right to feel it’s ok to shoot the church up.

(from 2017 – via NBC – Joel Osteen accused of Refusing to Help Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims)

I literally wonder at times, just what in the fuck is wrong with people?

Again I get it. Some of you don’t believe in what others believe in. Does that mean people get to shoot those folks up over a disagreement of opinion?  You feel churches should pay taxes and should feed and shelter the homeless. IF a church isn’t doing what you think they should do, everyone deserves to die?  Again are you people who think this way ok? Are you out of your fucking minds??

If you don’t like Joel Osteen, don’t go to his church, don’t buy his books, don’t watch his television broadcasts.  But also, Don’t encourage the idea that it’s ok to shoot up his congregation . That’s fucking insane – and is a idea we must fight with all our energy. Cause we wouldn’t say that about a Jewish Synagogue. Even if you don’t agree with what Israel is doing over there in Palestine, shooting up a bunch of Jewish people over what their government is doing, would make you just as bad as they are.  Daily they’re killing all Palestinian people, claiming they’re fighting ‘Hamas’.

We know it’s wrong when that happens, but suddenly you people forget it’s still not ok if a Pastor of a church you don’t like, is attacked?  Where are the adults?

Be mad all you want to, that Joels’ church closed it’s doors to the public during that flood – but you don’t get to sign off on that church being attacked by a shooter, because of that.

Recently in Ohio, a Pastor was arrested for turning his church into a shelter. The church, was not ‘zoned’ for shelter – something most people never consider when they talk about what churches ‘should do’.  Which, stems from people not attending church to begin with.  Creating a lack of understanding, that no, the church is not the place to feed and clothe the homeless. The church is where you meet up, cook the food, gather the supplies, and then go OUT into the community to help those in need.

I’m not here to preach to anyone about church though. If you don’t feel it’s what you want to do with your time, I can respect that. We talked about the Church of Dr. Umar years ago, as he hypocritically bashed churches for taking donations and not giving back to the community. We wrote that article several years ago and still, to this day, Dr. Umar has not opened his school. It has been documented that he has received millions in donations.  It *appears he squanders that money, on hotels, *possibly drugs, and on paying for pussy. (allegedly)

Yet none of that would justify someone attacking him, or others who follow his lead.

We seem to be a society filled with children, and not enough mature adults. Every disagreement doesn’t need to result in a fight or some kind of violent act. Many of you are too old to need to be told this, but you need to be told this.  You can joke about it, dislike it, make fun of it, speak against it – but shooting it up is beyond ridiculous.


(Fake Joel Osteen impersonator from Vice News – 2019 video)

Instead, we should be talking about the failure of police to actually protect the community. Yes, people will speak of the off duty police that saved the day on this morning.  But the fact that police did nothing about a clear danger to society, should be alarming us.  We’re too busy hating on Joel and the church to focus on the real problem here. Police, once again, doing everything in this nation but their jobs. Apparently being called to the home of a crazy person doing Nazi Salutes wasn’t a sign to them.