Don Lemon interviews Elon Musk and proves he's not intelligent 2024 -

Elon Confirms He’s Not Intelligent in Don Lemon Interview

By now, you may be aware that Elon Musk sat down with Don Lemon. The interview was supposed to be released exclusively on X (Twitter) for 24 hours before going to additional platforms like YouTube, Spotify and others. Things did not go the way Elon had hoped, as the questions from Don, exposed his lack of intelligence.

Elon is clearly a racist white Supremacist –

He won’t admit it of course but all of the talking points he shares and supports, are white supremacist views. Elon is pushing hate speech. Giving credibility to ideas like “Replacement Theory”,  that “DEI is about lowering standards”, and more. Don Lemon asked questions in a way that allowed Elon to literally take the rope and hang himself with it.

But will that matter in a society with so many white supremacists that agree with him already?

I really think that is the question.  Musk is not alone in his beliefs that black people only get jobs cause white folks feel sorry for them. It’s not cause black people deserve the jobs they get. Elon, like many white supremacists gives lip service to how we should all treat people like people. Accept everyone for who they are.  Yet, when we look at the people Elon hires, they’re all white.

Does this mean only white people are ‘good enough’ for the jobs he has to offer?  No black people qualify?

Don successfully gets Elon Musk to admit he shares information on X, that he has not verified to be true. Excused away by Musk saying anyone can share what other people tweet, which is true! However when you’re the owner of the platform, and millions of people listen to what you say, suddenly what you tweet, retweet, etc has Tremendous power and influence.

Elon has to understand that, unless, he’s stupid.

Which, to be frank, most racist white supremacists are. There is evidence that diversity leads to better outcomes, most of the time. As comes up in this interview, companies with diverse leadership make more money than those that lack it. The thing with racist white people however, is they’d rather lose money, than allow a black person to have power, if they can help it.

I would argue this is stupid. These people would much rather have chaos, than peace.