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Why Don’t White People Know Who Zendaya Is?

Zendaya is a pretty big star here in 2024, after a long career at what is still such a young age. Yet, white people don’t seem to know who she is. Nothing new under the sun for white people however, who often, do not know who Famous Black people are. Not long ago a clip of some kind of ‘gameshow’ went viral that brings this point home so well. The most obscure white celebrities, white people recognized, instantly!

All while, pretty famous Black Celebrities, had the white people perplexed!!!

(a tweet might be better ‘quality’ )

Many white people will ‘drop by’ and perhaps, someday yell at us that this ‘take’ on their culture is ‘racist’. However I need all of you reading this to be serious for a moment. Is it racist to point out something that is true? Certainly this is not true for ‘all’ white people but will we be honest about the percentages, at least.

YOU reading this now, ‘may not be’ like the white people within your culture, who completely disregard the value of black people. It may not be you, who is involved in what many have described as ‘white mediocrity’ which is empowered, by white people upholding each others mediocre-ness.  Not to say that being white = mediocre cause, that wouldn’t be a true statement. Plenty white people, have actual immense talents, and are deserving of the praise, respect and admiration they receive.

Then you have the McLemore’s of the world, that ‘somehow’ beat out the Kendrick Lamar’s… at the ‘Grammys’.

The Grammy’s are in quotes, cause it’s THE greatest example of whiteness, upholding mediocre whiteness. Especially when it’s in competition with Great Blackness – it’s on sight! Immediately lines are drawn, and whites begin to ‘take sides’. It then, does not matter who has ‘more talent’, who’s ‘album was better’, etc. Did Taylor Swift ‘really’ have a better album than Beyonce that year?  So much of the ongoing ‘hate’ Beyonce gets, is from people who ‘identify as Swifties’.  Many of them feel Bey has no talent, and it is, in fact, Taylor who is the better overall artist.

Meanwhile, Beyonce has extended the olive branch, time after time.

All while whiteness, continues to push her olive branches, back in her direction …

white people don't know Zendaya

I did not blur out the names of the people here cause they left their comments on a public forum; and want others to see what they are saying, about a pretty famous actress. Especially after all 3 of these Spiderman MCU films. The dishonesty from white society on matters like these, I feel, is crazy. Cause, did they really NOT know who Steve Harvey of all black people was?  Commentary from above came from a post, about how ‘even the director’ of the films, NOR Kevin, MF, Feige had no idea who Zendaya was.

Again, is this all on purpose?

We know that much of what white people do is on purpose.  Such as we see in the example above – not only are they ‘saying they don’t know who she is’, there are blatant insults to her talent as well. Shots taken at her greatness, that we see white society do, literally all of the time.

But they have an agreement with one another.  it started under the “Lee Atwater, southern strategy” that they’ve been using with one another since the end of the civil rights movement. Their strategy is deception, dishonesty, to do and say the thing without saying the ‘buzz words’ that will get them into trouble.

Keep the, plausible deniability. “Zendaya who?”

Kevin Feige does not know black celebrities

They’re not racist, no, they just don’t like her acting. She’s a nobody really, and you’d only know her if you grew up watching kid shows. All lies, they sit around telling each other, affirming one another, and hoping someone will come in, and call them racist.  At which time they will Gang up on that person and call them the REAL racist, it is not them!

… and it’s all part of the White Victimhood that we have written about, before on these pages.

Literally ‘starting some shit‘ by talking negatively bout the black actress, literally hoping to provoke a altercation, in which they can pretend it is they, who are the victims.

Cause, yea, ‘maybe’ Kevin Feige truly had no idea who she was, yet. For these white people to get online and say they STILL don’t know who she is?

It’s giving disrespect – on purpose.

Dear white people, this shit is insanity. Do something about this please. All your warmongering, as a people, must stop. YOU are the only ones who can stop each other.

Doing the right thing, is not that hard to do. Admitting that your culture has several problems that must be addressed, is important. Before you hit me with the ‘trained response’ of… “I’m white, and I’m not a bad person, I just don’t know what to do man!” ….

I recommend starting with the Three Evils of Society, that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke on.

Every year, on MLK Day, we hear ‘the speech’ that white society wants to hear.  It’s that, I have a dream, speech that makes white people feel like they have accomplished something.

Dr. King was murdered for speaking about his dream,  for inspiring black people to stand up for themselves in this extremely racist, oppressive, immorally wicked society. Not that much has changed, white people. You still pretend that black people do not even exist.  Your society continues to pretend that no black person has any talent, or any real value, unless YOU can somehow ‘benefit’ personally off of them.

That ‘mentality’ of ‘ownership’ and ‘entitlement’ to black bodies is alive and well in your DNA.

It’s prevalent too. For any of you to deny it is a problem, that has been unchecked for too long, that’s gotten pretty ridiculous.

Y’all have to start being real with one another about it.

Steps to turn those ‘genes’ off, must be taken. You cannot continue to operate, in the manner that you’ve been operating in. As Trump inspired, ‘Tea Party’ to MAGA crowds, must face the reality that we cannot ‘go backwards’. Things will NEVER be, how they were.  Times have changed, and it is not 1492, 1865, or 1968 anymore.  It would be, extremely unwise, to continue pushing that line. Liberal whites, need to quit pretending all groups must be compensated ‘except for black people’, as they continue to destabilize our society.

If you won’t talk each other off the ledge for black people’s sake, at least, do it for your selves.

This is evil, white people, please make no mistake about that reality. Anti black racism is eating you alive, and ruining the potential of the “American dream”.

I heard that a conservative MAGA ‘white person’ murdered his own father, for being a liberal. I won’t link to it nor show the footage, that he apparently live streamed – meaning – others watched.  No other words can accurately describe that, as well as calling it what it is – evil.

Not the good guys, but the actual bad guys – and far too many white people are falling right into that lane.

Let’s not worry about ‘black people  for now.  The common ‘go-to’ deflection whenever white people do not, want to talk about themselves.

Unless of course, we want to focus on black life mattering, and then, their OWN life mattering becomes front and center, with the “why can’t it be All lives?” retort.

Are y’all just taunting us, white people?

Is there something ‘funny’ about it? ….

Or does evil possess you?

Let us be real. Is there evil, lurking in white culture, that white people need to deal with? The same evils, that Dr. King warned about, in a speech, white people rarely play on their television or radio stations.  Racism, Consumerism, and Militarism, continue to tear DOWN America more than any other scapegoat, white society wants to blame.

Tearing DOWN these ideologies within THIS nation, would be the very thing, that will build America UP!