Chicken for black people is all Biden has (no reparations) -

Chicken is All Biden Has For Black People

That’s right in an ‘almost unbelievable’ campaigning moment recently for Joe Biden, he really went there. Chicken is all Biden has for Black people and he black vote. No reparations, no ‘study on reparations’ as HR40 has remained unsigned for his entire 4 years as president. All of this while billions has been sent to other nations, mostly with ‘white skinned’ racial makeups. It’s that thing so many black people KEEP saying, that we are facing anti black racism on both sides of the political aisles.

Speaking ‘against’ the nonsense we are seeing from Joe Biden, is not support for Donald Trump.

Calling spades is calling spades. If it’s not obvious to you already, like it unfortunately has not been for several black women (but not all, thankfully) Democrats actually are letting black people down. Candace Owens is right ‘on that point’, even if not on many others. Several racist whites who talk about how democrats are failing blacks, are also right. It’s true.

None of that means that conservatives will do right by black people either. This ‘end wokeness’ account on twitter, is just another white supremacist account. But, they are correct, this is desperation, but it’s also disrespectful.  Cause what in the fuck is this Joe Biden?  Chicken??

Chicken is all Biden has for Black People, and we should have a problem with this….

Quite the quagmire we find ourselves in.  Again, ‘neither side’ is looking out, for our people. They’ve basically found new, creative ways, to do a lot of the same things their ancestors did, and not enough of us seem to understand what is going on….

We’ve used this image before, but let me pull it out again …


This past week, John Stewart returned to is ‘post’ at the show he started, and gave a pretty fair and balanced ‘take’ on the state of politics right now.

He asks, what the fuck are we doing?

.. a few more reactions from social media, on Bide sitting down to talk basketball (as if he watches any) and eat Chicken with some black people, for votes in November 2024.

and ‘literally’ when I say, that Chicken is all Biden has for Black People, I mean that. As we see, Joe, didn’t even eat chicken, ‘he’ went with a burger!

Cause you know, (even though he doesn’t say this explicitly) burgers are American!

Chicken … that’s for blacks. He knows that is what they really want to eat…  and rather than discuss politics, economics, Reparations, Tangibles … he feels ‘the blacks’ just want to discuss sports.  I hear he wanted to bring some watermelon too but Kamala advised him that it was going to blow his cover.  He can always get away with this disrespect, and that is why he did it.

Again, just as we talk about the sellout Tom black people like Candace Owens and several others, who kiss up to the Trump’s of the world (cause yes those do exist), it’s the same here. Sitting down to eat chicken and participate in a photo opp, with a president doing “Nothing specifically for Black people“, might as well have had some Popeyes Butter Biscuits too.

Lastly, no, not all black people that ARE voting for Trump are sellout Tom’s. There are a ‘few’ who are just going along with Trump cause ‘at least’ he’s going to deal with the immigrant ‘problem’ – lol – I mean at least that is how they present themselves. But it’s absolutely uncertain if any of the rhetoric coming from Trump and others like him are true. As Texas really could do something about the issue ‘besides’ busing them to democratic states. To me all that is, is ‘political theater’, where one side ‘pretends’ to be against an issue – knowing most people won’t look too deeply into the matter themselves.