O.J. Simpson was Innocent. White People are Racist

O.J. Simpson was innocent, but white people are racist. O.J. is symbolic of black men, who date white women, and that has never truly been acceptable within white society. White men, especially get very upset whenever a white woman, allows a black man to sleep with her. I’ve noticed, white women tend to go along with whatever bullshit white men are making up. I’m generalizing of course, a disclaimer that always has to be made. Cause racist white people will come on here and argue that I’m racist, for talking about ‘all white people’ – even when i’m being very specific about which white people I am referring to.

If you believe O.J. Simpson killed his wife, and Ron Goldman, you are a racist.

There is simply no other way to say it. Only a racist white person, believed at the time of the trial, that O.J. did it.  The trial proved it way back then, and that is why a jury that saw all of the evidence, ruled NOT GUILTY.  None of the evidence presented, added up to O.J. being the killer.

But don’t tell white people that.  Especially the white people who were not on the jury.

We can’t tell them nothing at all cause they already know more than we do.  Afterall … they are white.

They really believe that O.J. murdered two people, viciously, and then drove home, showered, and jumped in a limousine to LAX in 30 minutes.

Cause white people are the same as their ancestors. Emmet Till died, cause some white lady ‘said’ he was talking fresh to her.  White people did not like that, so they went and MURDERED him. Because white people do not approve of black men sleeping with white women, the refused to hold the killers accountable.  This, includes the white woman, Carolyn Bryant, who would confess on her deathbed, that she did indeed lie on Emmet Till.

White society has never sought to right that wrong – ever …

There was no deathbed confession from O.J. Simpson. Cause he had nothing to confess. Like several black men in the history of America, he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Then, he was treated as guilty by most of white society, simply cause that’s how they’ve always been.

None of this is new behavior for white people in America. Again, way back in 1994 it was clear, Mark Furman, a racist police officer, had planted evidence in this case. Mark, did not like black men sleeping with white women. Having a history with this couple, he had all the motive in the world, to plant this crime on O.J.

Unfortunately, hate overrides logic, when it comes to the racism white people live by. They’d rather punish a black man, for a crime, even if he did not do it, cause he committed the crime of sleeping with one of their prized possessions.

Just as whites feel entitled to every single job in the world, which is why they are against affirmative action, dei, etc. …

White men feel that white women belong to them.  All jobs belong to them, all educational opportunities, and yes, all of the women – black, Hispanic, Asian, but especially – White.  Jonathan Majors was the most recent black man to find out how furious white society gets with black men like him. How dare he sleep with a white woman!  It does not matter if the white woman was abusing him, if she said he was abusing her that is all that maters.

Nevermind the scratches on Majors’ body. Video evidence of him running away from the white woman, all through the city of New York, proved, to white people, that Majors was abusing the white girl!   Cause white people, are racist. If you’re white, and you feel Jonathan Majors abused that woman, and deserved to be fired from Marvel, you’re a racist.

Simple and plain.

Majors, like O.J., and several black men in between, violated an unwritten rule within white culture.  This culture of hate and exclusion extends beyond America, back to Europe where they came from.

Recently, Rudy Gobert, spoke about his experience growing up in France with his white mother. Her white family did not accept her black children. She could come around but had to leave the little black kids some place else. She decided to stop coming around her racist white family instead. Rudy’s story however is not the only one like it. Over the years, there have been several white women who’ve been extricated from white society, for messing with black men.

Rumor has it, the white girl that accused Kobe of rape, did so cause a white male coworker saw her leaving his room …

Also not new, white women have done this countless times, to avoid the fate of white society excommunication.  Rather than admit, they let a black man inside those pussy walls, they’ll accuse him of rape!  Racist white people will believe that accusation, just as they’ve done with Bill Cosby.

I’m sure, racist whites will respond to all of this by asking, ‘are any black people ever guilty?’ – answer: Absolutely!

R. Kelly did that shit. He ended up going to jail for crimes that other people ‘also’ should be in jail for contributing to.  All black, and all of them should be in prison along with Mr. Kelly. Whoever shot and killed Nipsey, really did that sht. We saw the video of the crime, and I say ‘whoever’ cause I’m unsure who that was on trial. That person looked a lot different from the shooter that was arrested. Not only the weight gain but the complexion of his skin. Someone black, did the crime and there is no disputing that.

More crimes have happened, where the criminal absolutely was black.  Many times, justice has been served in those situations.

At the same time, there have also been several black men framed for crimes they did not commit.

Two things can be, and often are, true at once.

Arguing on behalf of O.J., does not represent how a person feels about ‘all black people’ accused of a crime. Only a racist white person would think of others in such simplex terms. Hopefully, there has been enough written here on SoPoCo about Toms, and sellouts, not to bring them up. As usual, we’ll find them performing their ‘role’ of comforting racist white people. Cause how can they be racist, if their black buddy Jerome also thinks O.J. did it?  There is no way that Jerome is just kissing up to white people, so white society doesn’t frame him later too. 

On just about every issue however, Jerome agrees with white people. Jerome thinks Bill Cosby was drugging and raping women. In a country where black men get thrown in prison for false accusations all the time.  Jerome thinks Bill Cosby was famous enough to escape the same fate as other black men.

As if O.J. Simpson wasn’t THE MOST famous black person ever, at the time he was accused of murder. The sellout Jerome’s of the world, are too afraid to make white people mad. Upsetting them might mess up his bag (his paycheck)!   He’ll argue that fame was enough to keep Bill Cosby out of prison, for raping all those white women, who never reported it to the police.

None of it makes ‘sense’ – it’s just hate, for the sake of being hateful.

Then again, maybe Dr. Cres Welsing was right all along. The fear of genetic annihilation – keeps white men in constant fear – always justifying their attacks on black society. Cause if they didn’t do it, blacks would wipe them out. Isn’t that what many of them say?   Just like their ancestors, hundreds of years ago.

Most of them sit around lying o each other. Telling one another they aren’t as racist as their ancestors were. Things are so much better for black people now than it used to be, and they are better too. Ain’t that right Jerome?