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Don’t Be A Fat Faizon Liar – Katt Williams

Katt Williams broke the internet and hurt some feelings to set 2024 off. Appearing on ‘Club Shay Shay” with Shannon Sharp, he wasted no time getting right into several comedians backsides. By now you must be living under a rock if you did not hear about this interview by now. I notived that out of everyone Katt Wiliams had something to say about, one comedian in particular seems to have taken it the hardest. That’s none other than, Faizon Love.

Most who have responded, have just responded once, including that silly freestyle from Ludacris. It’s ironic cause mea nd some friends were just like literally the night before Katt sat down and went in, and we were talking about Ludacris. Lyrically he doesn’t get the credit he deserves cause a lot of his videos are visually on the comedic side.

In a way it’s ironic that he’s in this all time roast of several well known comedians by Katt, since Luda isn’t technically a comedian. His response, which proves Luda still got it, still, came off corny as fuck, all things considered. The reciepts have also come in along with those responses and overall, it seems that Katt was right, about most of it. Many detractors are pouring doubt on whether or not he read that many books, or is as smart as he claims to be.

That’s pretty on brand for our society though, right?

Let’s get to Faizon Love however…  Why is he so upset?

I actually do have a suspicion. Firstly no one likes to be called a liar, I know I sure don’t. Those actually can be interpreted as, fighting words. I’d say Faizon is ready to fight just based off his constant stream of posts, ever since the interview was seen. Calling other people a “Fat Faizon Liar” is already in the lexicon.  I’m taking a wild guess here, and I’m pretty sure that’s what hurt him the most.

Let’s take a moment to be serious. Faizon may be going through some things. I hope that if any of his people see this, they reach out to him soon and help him through. It is obvious to me, that he’s put on a considerable amount of weight in the past few years. For people that struggle with weight gain, there can be many mental side effects and health effects as well. As a fan, watching from the stands, I can say that I’ve seen this a few times before in Hollywood.

Faizon has willingly played ‘the fat guy’ in several films. After a while, the fat guy actor, ends up gaining more and more weight in real life. It makes me wonder if their ‘handlers’ are helping them get out of hand? Again, I hope his people can get close to him, and help him past this moment in his life. Cause people are going to be people. At a time when people really need the laughs, they’re going to be using this ‘new term’ for quite some time.

I don’t see Fat Faizon Liar going away any time soon …


Don't be a fat Faizon Liar (Katt Williams talking about Faizon Love) - sopoco.net

I’m not here to tell anyone they should or shouldn’t use the term. I just know that people are gonna people. It’s why all of us need environments to help us deal with the problems life (usually other people) throw at us. Out of all the people Katt talked about, Faizon has probably responded with 20 pieces of content. At the least, and he’s going to perform live soon. I noticed a few others Katt talked about also are going on tours. This may be real good for comedy, real soon.

Mike Epps felt left out too, cause Katt didn’t mention him.

To be fair, Katt really didn’t seem like he came on specifically to air everyone out that he did. It’s just the way the conversation unfolded. Questions were asked and Katt provided answers. He lit a fire under several asses, and if it means comedians are putting their heads down, and coming up with the funniest shit they can, the world will be better off for it.

That’s my take on it all…