ratchet culture is being pushed by 'white supremacy' to create degenerate behavior as mainstream within black culture ...

Tariq is Right on Ratchet Reinforcement

Tariq is right in his latest ‘live stream’ about Ratchet Reinforcement. I’m old school myself, but cannot lie, I listened to some pretty ratchet and raunchy music growing up. However, me and Tariq are both from that time period when we had to ‘sneak to listen’ to it. It wasn’t on the radio, it was not mainstream. Music acts like Sukiana and Sexy Redd, who have every right to make the music that they make, used to be played at House parties, private gatherings, at a friend or relatives house…

Tariq is Right on Serious efforts to Push Rachet behavior on Black Society

King of reciepts, Tariq Nasheed even pulled the evidence that the Vice President is in on it too. Having those HBCU students over, playing ratchet music, catering to those energies instead of others. It’s all very much on purpose. Especially when we consider how Kamala Harris has done, as promised, absolutely nothing tangible specifically for black people.

She has helped out others though … and you won’t find her inviting any of those other ethnicities to “House Parties” to play ratchet music from their culture. Tariq points this out, and regardless of how some people may ‘feel’ about him, he’s right. Whether you like the ‘messenger’ or not.

“This is why understanding and knowing our history is extremely important.” Tariq Nasheed talking about how we need to know our culture, or ‘they’ will tell us that we are something we are not….

Tariq goes on to talk about how the media promotes Bed Wenchery, which is also true. Lots of push, from several fronts, for black women to link up with white men. Which is whatever, cause we’ve discussed how not all ‘pro black’ needs to date/marry black. It’s an unpopular opinion at this day in time. It may age well again, when considering the evidence already presented.

They… ‘the infamous they’, are real upset about Kanye ‘dominating’ a white woman.

Racism is all about double standards. They, can want to dominate and control black women but a black man better not return that ‘favor’. Of course a lot of ‘their’ anger with Kanye extends beyond his antics with his wife. Oh but it’s all connected at the same time, this is like, another layer on the stack of reasons they are upset with him.

It’s ok for ‘them’ to push the slutty life on black society. They are even ok with it, with their own, so long as they are in control of it. It starts to upset them, when it’s not. Tariq is right, and it’s good to see he continues speaking his truth, to power.