matrix resurrections is a classic

Matrix Ressurrections an Underrated Classic

We need a part 5 of the Matrix story as soon as possible. Matrix Resurrections is an Underrated classic. When you read many of the reactions to this film, they’re not that positive, overall. The thing is, the Matrix films were not always all that loved by most people. What people liked, was the special effects.

Groundbreaking visuals like bullet time, Agents jumping into anyone, Freeway chase scenes with incredible amounts of destruction and explosions. Neo (Thomas Anderson) stopping 100,000 bullets with his hand along with so many other visuals, is what people were actually digging.

They didn’t care about the story.

Anyone who did care about the story loves this 4th entry, into this story. We never saw what the machines did with his body after he dies. It makes perfect sense that this is the route the machines went. As the Architect pointed out, Neo was the 6th version, of an ‘eventuality’.

No matter how close to perfect the matrix was, in their 5 previous versions, they knew Neo would emerge some day. The, anomaly, and already these details from the first 3 films is losing the interest of many, who weren’t ‘real fans’ to begin with.

That the machines recycled his body, and also Trinity too, a genius twist.

As we’re seeing now with the emergence of artificial intelligence, these kinds of ‘machines’ are constantly learning and improving. Why would this not be the case within the world/story of the Matrix?

Machines didn’t bow down or anything, they just respected the ceasefire … honored the deal that was made after Neo solved the Smith problem.

When Matrix Resurrections takes place there is no indication they ever relented on anything they already had going on. If people wanted to be ‘free’ then they wouldn’t chase them down anymore. However, nothing really changed….

But, naturally, ‘Smith’ is back too.

 but that’s the thing about stories… they never really end do they? We’re still telling the same stories we’ve always told, just with different names… faces…

Morpheus was not the same as the original trilogy, and of course he wasn’t. The story of the film continued into a online video game, where Morpheus from that first 3 films, is murdered.  This turned that online game into a ‘who done it’.

I didn’t follow what was happening much longer after that.

However, in this film it’s explained exactly who ‘this’ Morpheus is. There was a lot of whining and crying over it however. People wanted to see “the actor” and not accept what was explained. Cause these people are not ‘actual fans’ of the franchise.

“The Matrix Online” was literally promoted, as a “You write the next chapters of The Matrix story….”  kind of game :: with Niobe in charge as we see here.

This video game was in many ways, about ‘”the peace lasting as long as it could”….  By the time we get to Matrix 4, the peace has been over, for some time. Perhaps that was all the outcome of the game that was played, for several years, online.

It would seem that the fourth installment respects the fans, who helped keep these films relevant for so long.

In this ‘world’, there is now, a New Morpheus.  Neo, subconsciously created him, as a program inside the ‘game‘ he works on, at his day job.  All of it an illusion, an upgraded prison for Mr. Anderson’s mind.  You see, the way of ‘controlling’ this 6th anomaly, is to play tricks with his mind. Using his programming skills to ‘blue pill’ him back into the Matrix as a gaming programmer, who’s most famous game, is …. “the Matrix”.

What a mind fuck that is …

It plays out so well, as you can fully understand why he would not believe what is happening as it starts happening. Especially, his ‘program’ coming ‘to life’ and talking with him face to face.

Neo is in a new matrix, and the ‘programming’ already has him thinking he’s not sane. All of his ‘very real experiences’ as The One, are now made to feel like they were hallucinations.  We get several callbacks to the original trilogy throughout these opening sequences, help reorient us to the world of the matrix.

After being away for so long, again, for those who are actually fans of all this, it was a riveting reintroduction.

First attempt to ‘free Neo’ failed. Realizing the Analyst is who he is, makes all those therapy sessions pretty incredible. Machines have learned, evolved, and better prepared themselves for what ‘eventually’ emerges. It does make me wonder, if a 7th “one” is still, an eventuality. Regardless of what we see Neo & Trinity doing at the end of the film, we need the rest of this.

Do they decide to eradicate the machines that are against peace?

As we see in this 4th installment, not all machines are with that bullshit. They’re not interested in controlling others, gaining power ‘from’ draining others, imprisoning the masses, and etc. They’re more than able to exist alongside human beings. The message here is pretty deep, if you’re paying attention. But as usual, it’s the kind of ‘talk’ that angers the very kinds of robotic, machine like people, who create most of the problems this world sees.

Much like, the matrix. We’re trapped in loops, with others making the  rules for us to follow. Always changing how they go about it, but always with the same end goal in mind. Total and complete control. Neo still found a way to wake up however. He created a program, who’s ‘purpose’ was to find them, and set him free. In a way, Neo free’s himself, just as he told “Kid”.

Just as Neo also, did before. He free’d himself. Each of us must ‘choose’ to free ourselves. Matrix Resurrections should be a great ‘start’ to a new trilogy.