Blacks Are The First True Americans You Can’t Go Back To Africa – Hidden Lies in History

The hidden truth is that the first Americans are the so-called Black people who occupy the ghettoes, slums or poverty-stricken areas in all parts of America whether it be North, South or Central America. Keep in mind that the land mass of Earth was once all connected as Greeks called it Pangea a time before the great Earthquakes that split the land into 7 continents. For this particular literature, I will only bring forth the facts that one can research for themselves. Primarily let me dissolve the myth that Christopher Columbus or Cristabal Colon the Spaniard discovered America, he did not. In fact, in his diaries he stated that the first people he saw upon his arrival were dark as the so-called Negroes in Africa he even had a picture painting depicting the Aboriginals he captured in America see video below.

Still to this day our people can even go to a dictionary, preferably one older than 1840 as the newer dictionaries have been abridged or highly tampered.

One can read the definition of American and you will see it states the aboriginal copper-colored people found by the Europeans. Let me emphasize the word “found” strongly as it proves if we were found then apparently we were already here in America. indMost of our people have been outcast as true Aboriginal Indians through the divide and conquer strategy. This is why your typical mental image of a Native America most likely follows the straight hair, feather in headdress Hollywood version of an Indian. Many of our darker skinned tone Indians have been kicked-off reservations and excluded from the reparations. Nevertheless, let us not make any mistake the lighter skin complexion Native Americans are of the same blood lineage and pedigree as we are really a family. See the picture of the people of the Yamassee Indians tribe near Arizona as you can see they sit together in an interview in harmony, YamasseeI cannot stress enough how we must come back together and lose the ideology that we are not of the same family. Furthermore if we look at recent DNA test orchestrated by Doctors the oldest tribe in America is the Pima tribe located in, what today is called Arizona though that is not the true Aboriginal name of that area. See “Pima Indians from Arizona, Chief Blue Wing and family.” Department of Anthropology, 1904 World’s Fair. (see picture ).  Also  for the record in the DNA industry since many Black people have begun to trace their heritage and Genealogy “there is a deliberate scam underway in the DNA industry, because results can be (and are being) manipulated to remove us from our heritage in America and place us in Africa” source (Dr. Yaffa Bey – Also note the Indian School in Boley, OK the image clearly states Creek and Seminole Americans which we can see the natives are a mixture of different phenotype. (Photo reference; courtesy of the”Oklahoma Historical Society).creek Let me say that there is nothing wrong at all with Africa and our brethren across the sea, however, many of our people have prime land they are owed which the U.S. government will not openly disclose. In fact Empress of the Washitaw nation Verdiacee Golston El Bey in the court case of 1848 Heirs of Henry Turner vs the United States – was secured over 60,000 acres of land from the United States ascertaining that the U.S. government sold land that they in fact, did not have authority to purchase(research the Washitaw Proper).One of the most indisputable facts are the Olmec heads located in South America which are some of the oldest found artifacts in that land, colossal stone heads with braided and wooly hair.

The historical evidence is truly overwhelming I could go on for days, nevertheless we must all do our independent research to gain true knowledge of ourselves allow me to give some sources to help propel your journey “They Came Before Columbus” by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, “The First Americans Were Africans(Misnomer)”: Documented Evidence by PhD David Imhotep and “Return of the Ancient Ones” by the Empress Verdiacee “Tiara” Washitaw Turner Goston El-Bey. It is hard for many to accept such truths and some native peoples have saw this as a invasion of their culture and a denial of ones African-ness.

However documentation was kept by the U.S. government depicting an aboriginal American which resembles Black people(misnomer).

See photo titled “Indian Warrior entering his wigwam with a scalp, on file with the Library of Congress created and published in [1789] reference Call Number: Illus. in E163 .A53 1789 Pre-1801 Coll An Indian warrior entering his wigwam with a scalp

Throughout history division has occurred between dark skin and lighter skin native Americans based on who is federally recognize. Nevertheless please reference the recent BIA list 26830 Federal Register / Vol. 81, No. 86 / Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and see the Shinnecock indian tribe is officially recognized. See photos below which prove that so called Black People(misnomer) are heavily populated within the Shinnecock nation, which prove that dark skin wooly hair Natives mislabeled colored people have been indigenous to the Americas long before any Slave trade or arrival of Christopher Columbus. Shinnecock Tribe

See images of Olmec artifacts; indigenous peoples of the Americas!


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