White Supremacy and the Bible White face on a Black Jesus


sopocoBeing that religion is a highly controversial subject worldwide I feel it is necessary to shed light on this topic. Without doubt the Holy Bible is a widely accepted doctrine by most human beings.  Society blatantly seems to ignore the fact that it has been intentionally altered and injected with Dogma(unquestioned belief). Particularly this belief of black people not being associated as God’s children as if to say our history is completely limited to Slaves. Before I make my next point, let me rectify this confusion and state for the record the true Slaves were the Slavic people from the region of Croatia it does not apply to just Blacks alone, our history is vast as we are the Ancient people the original Mothers and Fathers of all civilization. I say that to say this, if anyone follows the Bible clearly we know the scripture REVELATION 1:15 says: His feet were like burnished BRONZE, refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the roar of many waters”.

So why has the Caucasian image of a white Jesus become the face of a man whose words clearly define him to be Black a Hebrew Israelite of African descent.

Without question though Whites will not admit it and other races fail to question this the dominant White society dating back to ancient times has intentionally tried to wipe us out of history with lies and deception.

Now, theoretically it is believed that the image of Jesus was altered to mirror Cesare Borgia a Caucasoid; Son of Pope Alexander VI of the Catholic Church. Other historians and those who do independent research believe in the month of December 25th in 48 B.C. at the Temple of Serapion in Alexandria a Priest named CAIUS MARIUS. Changed his first name to Julius he then took the C from Caisus and put the letter C in front of the Etruscan word for GOD called Aesar and cesarehe became Julius Caesar the first Roman King to call himself: Jesus Christ. Consequently, all the images of Jesus were purposely designed to reflect a white European with blue eyes and straight hair during this period of time. Regardless of which theory is true clearly it is an agenda intentionally perpetrated by White supremacy even still to this day.

Furthermore, most assert that this change in the Messiah’s face is not a big deal, because he so loved the world, I would challenge that ideology, because if it did not matter and was not a major issue, then the face of Jesus Christ should have remained to reflect God’s word, which state he had feet like burnished bronze and hair white like wool.

These features resemble the phenotype of what we identify as a Negro, African, Moor or Black person et cetera.

I am a firm believer that the Bible ought to be interpreted how it is written. Black people are continually being propagandized to the tune of unimportance and if we do not stand to protect our place in history then we consent to our own demise.


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