Change is Constant: The Universe Is Always In Motion

Have I mentioned that I Really Enjoy Agents of Shield??

#Spoilers — in the following scene, Skye (aka Quake, aka Daisy Johnson) learns ‘what happened’ to her in her Transformation; and I loved this explanation; Was ‘commenting’ on a friends wall and this Scene came to mind; because it speaks to some Truths that so many of us Forget — that, Nothing is Ever standing Still; the Universe we are in, is Vibrating; every aspect of it; YOU and I are right now; even the mass around us — is in Constant Motion.

Understand something;

Quake is probably one of the coldest ‘heroes’ in the Marvel Universe; and if you have not been watching her story; and how it ties into everything Nick Fury has been up to over all these films; then that’s fine – Some people are just not into “layers” — but for those of us who enjoy Depth; ‘real depth’ — not just surface level Entertainment; Sit still through season 1 – and all of season 2 (so far) — and Enjoy this journey; as we get ready for everything that is coming our way soon.

What I hope you understood from this clip however, is that Change is Constant. In this show, we have seen a character we first met as Skye, a computer Hacker become an Agent of SHIELD. Later we saw her become known As Agent Daisy Johnson, after meeting her father and learning her real name. We meet her mother, learn her backstory and find out why everything has been kept secret for so long concerning Skye.  The biggest change though, is when she undergoes a transformation after being exposed to terrigen mist.  This mist kills humans, but unleashes the dna of Inhumans.

Daisy has been forced to deal with constant changes up to this point in the story.

SO much of what I enjoy about the Marvel storylines, is how they’ve always dealt with Change.

As a kid I used to watch X-men on Fox, and it was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons to tune into. Such a great story combined with great action – Mutants, human beings who simply evolved and were different – and the way they were treated by others. When the movie came out and the writers of the story decided to place Magneto’s Origins in the Interment camps of Nazi Germany, during the awful events of the Holocaust I could see the parallels.

I could see that Marvel was very interested in discussing how Society deals with groups of people that are deemed ‘different’ …. or ‘special’ … I could see that Marvel has always been willing to confront and explore this reality; about life – about living; about ‘being’ …. about Change. Change … which is constant, as the clip between Gordon and Skye .. who are both what are known as Inhumans; slightly different from Mutants who evolved naturally. Inhuman genes were operated on thousands of years ago; and passed down from one generation to the next.

Yet these Inhumans still exist in a world of Humans – who seldom deal with change (or differences) in a Positive way.

When we think about where Society is today; American society – and all the racism that challenges our Future as a society; we have to realize that Change is Constant; it is inevitable; and to those who believe the oppression of the black community will continue, without causing harm to us all – to those who think this will not change; I think we’re all in for a surprise.

Floating on the internet, is an image I really love that depicts Charles Xavier as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Magneto as Malcom X.


Change is Constant – and the way people deal with change, constantly is a problem for the masses of Humanity.

But oftentimes, something beautiful and new arises from the ashes of change – but sadly, so often we fight for the old, and resist what could be … a new and better reality.

Either way, Change will come. Things will either get worse or better.

Some will seek change through violence; others will seek change through love – but those of us who simply come to the understanding that Change is Constant; it’s always happening – we simply have to allow change to happen. We don’t really have to “Seek to Change” anything; but rather to Acknowledge Change.

We have to then decide, not to fight Change – (change is constant)

That is when we (humanity) can recognize who is attempting to keep us in Chains; keep us from being all we’re capable of being; Oppress us; Hold us Back; Stunt our Growth and our Potential ….

Because they are the ones, fighting change – trying to hold on to Power that was never meant to be held onto; and certainly … not by them.

It’s funny because, just yesterday we saw a NEW trailer for Star Wars VII – which is the story of the unending struggle between the forces of Good and Evil.

I guess somethings, may never change.

Agents of Shield has only gotten better since this Review in Season 2. Change is constant, but this struggle between good and evil has continued on the show. – Check out Cruel World: Agents of Shield Season 4 Review: Episode 20