“So Called” Black Activist Pass Revoked

I heard this story a couple days ago, and could not help but shake my head at the sheer silliness of it. A ‘So Called’ black activist attacked Kendrick Lamar for not being engaged to a dark skinned black woman.  Instead, he asked a woman who has been with him before he became famous to marry him.


I absolutely believe her (the so called activist) Real Motivation was “I need attention, because I am getting none.” – Sometimes people do things like this, to seem relevant when they’re not. She is trying to get some attention for her self by attacking someone else. If anyone is a Conscious Coon …. it’s not Kendrick Lamar. His Fiance, was there “When he was walking” – Bitch, where were you?

(… and I hope you got the PUN … so that you don’t think I’m calling ‘her‘ a bitch … )

From now on, I move that all references to this woman be pre-empted with “So Called” – So rather than refer to her as a Black Activist, I will refer to her as a “So Called” black activist.

Similar to the way Leaders are put on Television and the media crowns them as Leaders Of the Black Community, when most are simply “So Called” leaders … most, if not all were certainly never called by the black community. Furthermore there really IS no black community. There are just black people living in America – because (and I got this from another brotha) – A community has common interests. Black people are too seperated and mostly are focused on the individual.

This is the essence of what Dame Dash was saying to Charlemagne “the god” – Hustle for your last name; not for a job you do not own. Stop bragging about a job, and do something for the Culture. Inspire the Culture with how you hold conversations about positive movements; rather than aspiring to be a Chatty Patty. Be a leader, not a “So Called” one.

“Jobs are for people who don’t want to invest in themselves” – Dame Dash

Which brings me to this “So Called” Black activist giving Flack to Kendrick Lamar for getting engaged to a woman who … has been in his life longer than most of us know. To try and insult this black man, by calling him a “Conscious Coon” for wanting to marry a light skinned woman; is absurd.

It’s the kinda issues black people face – especially within the “Conscious Community”.

I stumbled across several videos where, Muslims were battling with Christians; and “real Hebrews” who claim that We are the people of the bible; the Chosen people…. the Real Jews.

What often baffles me about their argument, is that they seem to all be ignoring others In the community who are saying “wait a minute; all 3 major religions are run by the imposter jews – and were created to separate our people” — What baffles me is an awareness of how in-fighting makes us weaker; and yet In-fighting happens at the highest ‘levels’ – where the people who should be working to change things; improve our culture; expand our minds; FREE us from mental chains; seem to also be imprisoned themselves.

They’re in a ‘fake existence’ – (The Cruel World of The Framework in Agents of Shield)

Oddly Enough, I believe Kendrick Lamar’s “Blacker The Berry” absolutely addresses all of these issues beautifully – from the issues caused by outsiders; to the issues we continue to create for ourselves.

As you’ve noticed — I’ve decided to not bother with dignifying the So called black activist; by stating her name. I just wanna make sure you understand that what she did, revokes her pass. She cannot be an activist, without understanding how damaging and detrimental Colorism has been to our people. I realize as a Dark Skinned sister she feels racism on a whole ‘nother level from the rest of us. However when she engaged in this hate, it’s just as bad as a white person spouting hate for our people.

Unity begins with us – and while It’s okay to make a mistake; I hope she realized she made one – and becomes better as a result.

Till then, I’ll stay tuned for her to make a public apology and retract her statements – If she wants to continue to be called an Activist.

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