Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs?

Are Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith Uncle Tom – Sell-Outs?

I have long-awaited to address this issue, first and foremost, let me say I always try to back our brethren’s given the nature of what black people endure in the United States of America. Nevertheless Steve Harvey and Stephen A. Smith have dug themselves a hole too deep with words that were spoken from their tongues which nobody coerced them to speak. In response to the video where Steve stated on National television “I Don’t Care About Slavery”.

I am curious to know what would cause a man who has high visibility to say he doesn’t care about what happen to his great grandfathers and great, great grandmothers ?

I know why he would make such ignorant comments, it is due to the fact that Steve Harvey does not know what happened to his ancestors. Let us be forthcoming and honest, it has been the agenda of the Europeans to deflect from the conversation of slavery and genocide on our people worldwide and this paradigm has carried over to our people. If I can take a page out of Malik El-Shabazz book commonly known as Malcolm X. I would as Steve Harvey – “Who Taught You How To Hate Yourself”? However rather than ridicule Steve Harvey or Stephen A. Smith allow me to give them some historical books to educate them on what occurred during slavery. Clearly their indoctrinated college education has not provided them with knowledge of the vicious lifestyle of slavery. Start with “The Black Book: 35th Anniversary Edition” by Middleton A. Harris and “Germany’s Black Holocaust, 1890-1945: The Untold Truth” by Firpo W. Carr.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, pick up those 2 novels, read about your foremothers babies and how they were used as bait for Alligators and the same Slaveholders would make figurines mocking those atrocities. Read how your foremothers would murder their own babies rather than put them back into slavery.

Read how your Mothers were forced by a whip to adopt European family names. Which by the way were last names like Harvey and Smith which are of German origin. Ironic, isn’t Harvey and Smith still currently your last names are they not? However the vestiges of slavery do not end there, consequently Stephen A. Smith made the claim that people are tired of hearing about Black people blaming their problems on slavery. Well Stephen I’ll have you know the slavery was a global institution, even the Roman Catholic Church profiting from your ancestors labor. In which they admitted that our people deserve reparations and remedy from slavery.

Though you can read the article and witness the Catholic Church confesses to distributing our reparations to the slaveholders instead of the people who were descendants of those damaged by slavery. Stephen A. Smith that means they never returned the land and property back to your family. This is how the Mortgages came about, nevertheless, according to Stephen A. Smith words he is living good he has a nice suit and he feels fine being able to pay a 15 year Mortgage in his own land. Too bad he is too ignorant to know that his foremothers and forefathers did not all arrive in the Americas on slave ships. In fact, prior to the Europeans colonization of our land our people owned the land free and clear of any title or deeds. Our ancestral values were never to contract the sale of land because we were of the original man and woman whom roamed the entire planet, so all four corners of the Earth belong to us, but that changed because the same Slaveholder who built the Corporations that hired Stephen A. Smith unjustly hold the title to our land and force Mortgages on our people and then charged us a tax.

Since Stephen A. Smith and Steve Harvey do not care about slavery, I guess that information is of no value to them, they are comfortable eating high up on the Hog. (Sell outs)

*update (Editor Note) : the original video with Stephen A. Smith (in full sell outs mode) was removed. I (editor) have replaced it with an even better video, filled with more proof that, Stephen A. Smith is working against black people. Also, Steve Harvey has met with Trump, and has not come out since to explain that meeting. Let us know if you think Steve and Stephen are sell outs – especially in light of all that has happened since this article was originally written.,