Do Black Lives Matter Anywhere In the World?

Ever since the killing of Mike Brown, a popular talking point has emerged. Black Lives Matter.

My question is simple – Do Black Lives Matter anywhere in the world? Because while it’s a nice talking point, it’s a great message, like so many previous attempts to end racism, it is being ignored. Quickly people on twitter who are not black (Of course) came up with All Lives Matter – a suggestion that to focus on black life is wrong.

The problem seems to be escaping people; there is a great deal of Denial about Racism in our country.

Earlier this week, one of our new writers for SoPoCo gave us this jewel – Police are committing Treason on Black People

There is absolutely nothing that is American about the way black people are being treated by the Police. Then again, this is how blacks have always been treated in America. This is how blacks are being treated around the world as well. The truth is that Black Lives Do Not Matter – and this is the theme; the very idea at the center of Racial Hate; which can be found in all corners of the internet; in so many recent stories about police brutality; and even when it comes to the Miss Universe Contest.

Some of us heard about this already; Miss Universe Japan has been criticized for not being Japaneese ‘enough’ – because biracial human beings are Viewed as black, by just about all non black peoples. They are treated with the same lack of respect, and the same disregard as fully black people; because black lives do not matter. This girl, Ariana Miyamoto is a person. She has dreams and aspirations like anyone else. Her dream was to be Miss Universe Japan, and after doing everything it took to achieve that goal – she is being treated differently. She is being told her dream does not matter.

Beauty queen brings light to Japan’s racial issues


This is Japan, not America.

Yet this hate and dislike for Africans; for black people – seems to be found everywhere. I remember watching Real Sports on HBO, which talked about Racism in the European Soccer Leagues. Because apparently a young boy who dreams of playing professional soccer in Europe (Thierry Henry), deserves to be boo’ed and made fun of; in spite of being better than most of his peers. This is how black people are treated, throughout the world; as if THEY Do not Matter. So while I enjoy the conversations related to Black Lives Matter – I am often turned off at just how many people are Openly Opposed to even discussing this idea. (Just as they didn’t like the Soccer player having a problem with it)

“Come on, get over it. You can’t deal with that? You’re being paid money” – Thierry Henry speaking with Bryant Gumble

It would seem the very idea, that black lives matter Offends them!

Meanwhile, if you’ve been reading comments all over the internet for the past several years Like I have – you’ll find so much hate for black people all over YouTube; Yahoo; and so many Public forums; Twitter especially.  As a society we can only give ‘so much’ lip service to an idea; truth always comes to the light. The truth about how blacks are viewed can be found in these responses, and reactions to black people simply living out their dreams. The desire of blacks to be able to walk down the street, without fear of a Police shooting them to death; or a wack job like George Zimmerman – is too much for people to accept. There are so many excuses as for why it’s okay to end black life.


To a tweet like this; you’ll find Racist Trolls responding with …

…. it’s always met with Disrespect.

So, DO black lives matter?

Or is it just another hashtag? ….