Brian Whit – A White Man On White Supremacy

Brian Whit speaks openly and honestly about White Supremacy.


Posted by Brian Whit on Saturday, April 4, 2015

I saw the video on a friends page on Facebook; watched it – and immediately thought to myself – “hell mother fucking YES!”

Just what I say we need; More white people speaking up and speaking honestly about this topic.

The keyword is speaking Honestly.

There are a lot of racists whites speaking up; and saying a lot of offensive and harmful things to black people; and about black people. Recent conversations on Twitter around #BlackGirlsRock for example was met with a response from the racist white community – #WhiteGirlsRock.  Where one hashtag was created to celebrate black women, and to remind black women of what they have accomplished IN This society; The other seemed to be used entirely to insult the black race, and call black people racist for celebrating themselves.

Those were a few tweets from people who “get it” – Notice I included people of different races. Sadly didn’t have nearly enough White people on Twitter who get it; Instead most were like this ……

Another hashtag popped up, #WhiteOutDay – in response to #BlackOutDay – where the idea was to simply share photos of black people. Once again, white people took to twitter to scream at black people for celebrating themselves.  Meanwhile, as you saw from a few of the samples – the #WhiteGirlsRock tag was also used to suggest that black people would be Upset if white people were celebrating being white.

As if White people have not been doing that for 300 years already …

In fact, as the conversation evolved – It was pointed out that when we look up Beautiful Women on Google; and click on Images; You’ll pretty much Only see white women.

Here’s what comes up for me


Sadly we are not anywhere near equality – and this search result really brings it home.

The dominant culture doesn’t need to affirm themselves; when the culture itself affirms them.

Much of what Brian Whit speaks on in his Honest video about White Supremacy includes the truth; that white people have privileges built into absolutely every aspect of this society. If we are ever going to live in a more peaceful world it begins with ending racism. It begins with putting a stop to inequality – we Can build a better world. It’s just going to take good people, like Brian Whit, and hopefully more will emerge as time goes by.

Now this is not my first time addressing this – Check out a few other articles where I said similar things.

*updated June 2, 2019 – The ’embed’ code for the Brian Whit video was updated. Shout outs again to him for being willing to use his platform and his privilege to address these issues. It’s going to require that kind of effort, specifically from, what is commonly known as the ‘dominant society’.  As they are the ones who control the game, to this day. The power has not be shared, and as Brian Whit talks about in his video, there is a real ‘fear’ of what might happen if power were, to be shared.

This ‘fear of a black nation’, of … black retribution, for the centuries of crimes carried out against black people, is very real.

For some odd reason, the ‘fear’, false evidence appearing real, strikes again and again.  Generations of ‘fear’ that blacks will harm them, if equality is reached result in abortion laws changing, to ensure the white race doesn’t die out.