Steph Curry MVP Secured While CP3 Breaks Down

It was one of the nastiest basketball moves you could ever see.

The serious debate among real basketball fans is, “Who’s got more handles … Kyrie or Curry?”

I’m not going to answer that here; instead I’m simply going to pose a different question entirely.

Did Seth Curry Lock Up the MVP while Breaking Chris Paul’s Ankles???

If you didn’t catch it; last nights Warriors vs Clippers game, can only help the Steph Curry MVP Campaign for the 2014-2015 NBA Season.

  and the funniest Steph Curry Vine I saw …


He might have Locked up MVP while making a Meme out of CP3 …. you can see several more angles of Steph Curry Crossing The whole entire life out of Chris Paul; one of the nastiest displays of giving somebody the business I’ve seen in a long time. Despite all the hilarious Vines that are out there – there were some pretty funny Tweets too.


It really was nasty though; Watch the bench Fall out …

lol, Barbosa was dead …

ahahaha … yes …. our Seth Curry MVP Secured While CP3 Breaks Down title should make sense to you by now, if it didn’t already.

The tweets, memes, and vines are absolutely hilarious – However….

Let none of us forget, the Warriors also won tonight’s game.

He Combined with Klay Thompson to put up 52 points (nearly half of the teams production tonight).

They’re the best team in the NBA and he is their best player. Historically that is who wins the MVP in the NBA. However this year I keep hearing talk about … “Well maybe we should give it to James Harden. Look at how bad his team is and no one is playing/helping him out” – but that wasn’t the case when Kobe Bryant carried a squad with Smush Parker AND Kwame Brown on the same team — into the playoffs — damn near beating the #1 seeded Phoenix Suns; in the first round. That year the NBA gave Steve Nash the MVP; best player on the … best team (that season).

That was the excuse for Lebron James – who once again is also having his name brought up; although that seems to be quieting down as we get to the end of the season. Russel Westbrook erupted and is still playing very well for Oklahoma City. He is also carrying his team into the playoffs, still fighting for 8th at this time. New Orleans most likely won’t catch them but; it’s still up for grabs. Meanwhile Steph Curry (possible MVP) is helping his team come from behind (they trailed the Clippers) to win games; with a 10.5 game lead on the entire West.

I think we know who the MVP is this year …


No words needed …. The look says it all.

Meanwhile. NBA Fans enjoy the Off Year – The Lakers will return to claim #17 – until then.

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