racism while doing business

Racism While Doing Business Is Just Business

I’ve been in business myself, since 1999 and racism while doing business is a reality. What is also a reality, is several black people choose to ignore racism, in hopes of making money. These black men and women would rather position themselves to earn money, than upset white people. Calling out racists, or racism, tends to upset white people so they avoid these activities. So, when I heard the two black men on Good Morning America that were arrested for waiting while black at Starbucks, I wasn’t too shocked by their response.

The black men said, this was not a Black people problem, but a People problem.

As if, all people are being arrested for waiting in Starbucks, and not ‘just’ black people.  That is one of those ‘safe answers’ that sell out blacks use …. That’s what it means to sell out, literally, as they are looking at all the money they’ll make if White people like them.  That may be what lead to the meeting with that white real estate developer in the first place.

I don’t know that white man, so I’m not certain he is like so many are.  It wouldn’t be right for me to say he’s the kind of white guy that ‘only’ meets with ‘safe’ black people.  But, it’s clear after the comments these gentlemen made, after having several hours of their lives interrupted, who They are.

It’s kind of sad, really that so many black people are So afraid to stand up to injustice.  Not calling racism out, isn’t helping any of these black people ‘make it’ in life.  In truth, the reason these black men were arrested for sitting in starbucks, has everything to do with the disconnectedness of black people. Those black men are not going to press charges against the Police Department or seek damages. They’ll accept any monetary rewards given to them, and that will be good enough.  This weak position they, and too many black people take sends a message to the violent brutes of white America. They can do anything to any of us, at any time, and none will need worry of repercussion.

George Zimmerman is still walking the streets …

Daren Wilson is still walking the streets …

racism while doing business

The guy that choked Eric Garner to death, still out here enjoying his life.

That coward who murdered Philando Castille, ending his life, is going on with his life right now…

In truth, it is a shame that young black males are willing to shoot up another black male over a pair of Jordans, but none seem willing to take these racists off earth. Black people have no army to fight our battles. There are no police who are black, that are willing to take Other police out. Several of us, want peaceful solutions and I’m not saying those won’t work.  I’ve always been in favor of Economic solutions, because as I stated, I am a business man.  Yet, once again there is another issue that emerges.

Black people, don’t want to do business with one another. Oh, more and more, it’s starting to happen…. but it’s been with great resistance!  It has taken incidents with H&M putting the little black kid in a Monkey hoodie, and similar incidents to wake ‘some’ black people up. Yet, many are still fast asleep.

They believe in a philosophy of, all money is green – having completely NO understanding of Racism While Doing Business.

These black people miss how other races go about doing business with one another first and foremost (Group Economics). None of these black people seem to understand these non-blacks ONLY do business with them, AFTER they’ve done business with their own people first.  That gives them the foundation they have to DO business. It allows them to protect themselves from Police Brutality, as they have the money and resources to sue the fuck out of police that overstep their power. Not us though …. we are quick to jump on the ‘All Lives Matter’ banwagon.

Anything not to upset white people……….

Just another Chapter in the book on Racism while Doing Business. A book, we have not read.

I am not too shocked that Jason Black (The Black Authority) had these comments on these black men as well.  … who honestly, I won’t dignify with naming.

**The Original video is no longer up; but here is the tweet-thread from TBA –  (update 1/28/19)

This commentary is spot on. When asked ‘why do you think the Police were called’ their white lawyer stepped in. He being white, is telling these black men what to say. They, being sellouts, more interested in making money, went along with the white advice.

This is the white moderate that MLK warned us about, and how their way of thought has penetrated the black community.

They censor themselves and sanitize their answers to avoid declaring that this was an act of racism. – Jason Black, The Black Authority

The mother of Walter Scott was more than willing to forgive the police officer that murdered her son. She was paid settlement money, and that was good enough. That is the reality of racism while doing business, it literally IS business.  For the police who are caught on camera murdering someone black, they’ll generally be okay. Someone will give them enough money to live on till they find new employment.  Black people won’t make too much fuss, except for the few, who are just being way too black!

That, is the narrative –  because racism while doing business is, just, business.

Recently, Tariq Nasheed spoke about the brother of Stephon Clark (mentioned by Jason Black above). For those following this story, Stephon Clark, though murdered by the police a few weeks ago was a coon. He was a sell out who disliked (hated) black women, and his people.  He was against all this Black Lives Matter stuff and now, his life is gone.  Then his brother, Stevante acted a fool for several weeks, while ‘supposedly’ grieving.

The police have recently locked him up as well….  Listen to Tariq speak on when Buckdancing Goes Wrong.

This is what terrorism looks like. Black people are actually afraid of the system of white supremacy. Even if many will not admit it. Too many black people accept the conditions we are in, and will do nothing to change them, because of fear.  There is no end in sight….

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