James Comey Deserved It

James Comey Calls Trump Morally Unfit For Presidency

By now you’ve seen or heard about James Comey sitting down to discuss Trump. He recently wrote a book, which goes into more depth of his experiences, though brief in Trumps administration.  It is a lot of confirmation of news reports we’ve already been hearing about for months now. I will say after watching this, that perhaps James Comey did deserve to be fired.  Specifically, this portion of the interview is what stood out to me.

James Comey gave a press briefing where he threw dirt on Hilary Clinton, but did not tell the public about Trump. They had already began looking into possible collusion with Russia.  However, Comey admits that he felt Hilary winning was an afterthought.  So, according to him, he felt telling the public would not impact the vote.

It absolutely impacted the Vote – as anyone who was on the fence about Hilary, came off. At the same time, by not telling the public that Trump and his team were under investigation for colluding with Russia, Comey opened the door for Trumps win.  What has mostly been coming out over the Facebook Hearings on User Privacy, and so many other reports has been fascinating. We are truly living in a nation of dumbed down people. Fake reports on Facebook, and other social media outlets ‘should’ not have influenced votes. But, the evidence is showing us that it absolutely has.

The stories, and posts that people are reading on social media, are influencing how they think.

So when looking into what Russia has done, it’s no different from what many Americans do already. The spin machine has been in effect in this nation for centuries. Propagandists will spew lies and deceive entire populations if they can.  Before my time, during wars, our own Military would ‘drop pamplets’ in other nations, to turn them against their governments. Using propaganda to get your way, is an old tactic. However, it relies on the ‘ignorance’ of the people who see it.

From what I can gather, this is all Russia has really done to us. They’ve created pages on facebook that spew propaganda. Some have taken out ads to display on timelines of people who already hate blacks, Muslims, or Jews.  Propaganda is about pushing narratives, not so much about pushing the truth.

When James Comey announced that Hillary Clinton used a private server for her emails, it was stupid.

For far too long that was the ‘narrative’ being pushed. Hillary Clinton used a private server for her emails while Secretary of State. This, in the minds of stupid people, put national security in danger because, private servers are not secure. It did not matter to any of them, that this private server was where her non-state related emails were. None of them cared that no actual Government Secrets were contained on those servers. When James Comey stood up to say what he said, he just may have tipped an election that everyone thought was going one way in the other direction.

What also stood out however, is once Trump wins the election, James Comey continued to do dumb shit. Early in, as Comey has been saying for some time now – Trump was doing irregular stuff. James Comey should have blew a whistle early; especially if he had a ‘Mob Boss’ feel to things.  I understand that we are not always ready to act on our feet, but most of us are not FBI Directors.  He did not act quickly enough, to remove someone from power, who he ‘Now’ says is not morally fit to be President.

The problem I have with his statement, is it ignores America isn’t a moral nation.  This is the same nation that enslaved blacks, said Jim Crow was legal, and years later refuses to lock up Police who murder black people.

Nothing has really ever been done, by white people, to fix the wrongs done To blacks by white people.

The mere suggestion to white people that they are responsible to fix things, is met with anger. White people refuse to see any of these issues as their duties to fix. Because the reality is, many white people are frankly, Immoral individuals.  So, for James Comey to get on television and talk about that, without addressing the people who voted for him, was all too usual. This is what we’ve seen since he won in November, white people minimizing the impact of white people.  Too many people blame things entirely on Trump, and put nothing on those who elected him.

But, Trump does not win if ‘the people who vote’ don’t punch his name. We all knew who the man was before November, and 54% of white women voted for him anyways. The ‘silent majority’ decided to let their ‘voices’ be heard. James Comey may think Trump is morally unfit, but he should have said something about his supporters.

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