L.A. Fitness Manager fired for racism

Racism At L.A. Fitness: Just Another Day Being Black

(Racism at L.A. Fitness, updated on 2/14/2022 – Just another Day Being Black, in America.)

Trump didn’t ‘unleash’ the racists :: Cell phones have gotten better :: more people see what blacks have been ‘saying’ happens; and as more and more video comes out, of more and more incidents, it’s becoming more and more clear – that black people have not been Lying –

On my old facebook page I  had too many sellouts so when I’d speak freely like this, they’d hit my comments with their coonery. Telling me I’m wrong and what not; I’m not wrong though…. Racism is the biggest issue this nation has; it never fixed it; it continues to linger; Obama winning the White house really is what brought the ones in the closet Out; however, this thing has been an issue all of this time.

Racism was present when George W. Bush decided not to rush to Help victims of Katrina; leading Kanye to point out – that Bush does not care about black people.

Under his father, George H. Bush, it was 4 more years of Reagan with a new face. His famous ‘trickle down economics’ was literally created to keep money in the hands of whites.  It was also during this period that America saw the highest rise in Gang violence. Experts who study these kinds of topics will tell you in a minute, poverty is a root cause for violence.

Yet, that is the Nation we live in. It’s not the nation white people love to believe it is.  Whites tend to ignore everything black people have to say about this nation.  The black opinion is seen as non important, irrelevant, and fiction by most white people.  It’s really all ‘part’ of racism…..

After Racism was caught on camera in two separate incidents at Starbucks stores, I saw another today from L.A. Fitness in Secaucus N.J.

You’ll notice in this video, the staff is not entirely white. This is also the problem that black people continue to point out. White people are not the ‘only ones’ being racist towards black people. Blacks face racism from whites, Asians and Hispanics too. We live in a nation where the ‘propaganda’ on television, guides how people view blacks.  This negative approach, impacts the thinking of black people, as well. That is where those black people come from, who always take the side of the establishment, over their black brother/sisters.

When you are told, through television, movies, and the news – that blacks are criminals, you’ll fear blacks too. Especially when you ‘believe’ the nonsense.  In the video above, the ‘manager’ even attempted to terminate this man’s membership, AFTER his staff member called the police on the man. Nobody even knows why ….. not even the Police.

In this situation, the Police acted with some sense.

We go hard on police here, simply because police deserve it. But when Police do it right, I’m not above giving them credit. Hell if more police actually did their JOBS we would not even be talking about any of this now. Just because someone calls the police, does not mean that caller is justified.  When the police arrived at this L.A. Fitness, they seemed to realize this was a waste of their time. I did hear the manager and all of this staff were fired from L.A. Fitness.  They’ll probably land a job some where else, and naturally, will practice racism there.

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Lastly…. almost unrelated….  how does L.A. Fitness end up in Secaucus New Jersey anyways? Shouldn’t it be N.J. Fitness? I digress …

racism at l.a. fitness