celebrity worshiping goes wrong for black people

Celebrity Worshiping: Nick Cannon Drops Jewels Kanye Drops Off

Nick Cannon drops even more jewels in an interview on VladTV. It ties into a discussion on Celebrity Worshiping that I want to have, again, with all of you. The first time I dove into this topic that you may recall, was about a year ago. It had to do with the whole, Fyre Festival Fiasco, and our guy, Ja Rule. Dave Chappelle Warned us about him, and that matters too. Because in these jewels left for us by Nick Cannon, the conversation involves Dave, Monique, her dispute with Netflix, and lessons to take with us.

“What we have a problem with as entertainers, and artists, is we get caught in our own bubbles. We start feeling our own self reverence, and think we are owed in a society that still looks at us as Niggas. She (Monique) is 100% right when she thinks this society does not value her. But why would you think any differently?” – Nick Cannon

Celebrity worshiping is a clear and present problem for America. This is how we continue to get ourselves into so much trouble. Primarily stemming from our habit of wanting to ‘be like’ these people we don’t really know. Then when accusations come up about these people, like the ones going on ‘now’ about Bill Cosby, it disappoints you. Same could be said about Kanye West, who ‘today’ and all week really, perhaps even for the past 30 days as of writing this, has made entire fools of himself.

His throwing support to Trump has many black people confused. Being so outspoken about the ills for white supremacy, and it’s negative impacts on black people. He is suddenly taking a full 180, and siding with sellouts like Candace Owens.  He dropped an interview with Charlegmagne the god on Facebook Live today …. which has many of us confused. It was ‘live’ but taped weeks before Kanye’s recent MAGA support.

The real issue at the center of all this, is how Kanye is, attempting to use his celebrity to influence black thought. What he’s saying to black people, is the kind of language that put blacks in trouble to begin with. Referencing 400 years of slavery as being a ‘choice’ on TMZ, Kanye made white people smile. That is what they love to hear coming from a black person’s lips. What white people hate, is to hear Monique suggest that Netflix is practicing discrimination against her, because she is black.

This is why, what Nick Cannon has to say is so important. (We approach Celebrity Worshiping all wrong. We should be engaged in Celebrity Study & Research for Learning.)

Rather than seeking to ‘be like’ these celebrities, we need to keep in mind they are just people. Like so many people, they are confused about the system and nation they reside in. Many of them start to make money and believe their own press. Instead of adjusting and continuing to realize that this world hasn’t changed, they are expecting change regardless.  Then, disappointed with how things are, they throw tantrums. Next, due to celebrity worship, the rest of the people who model themselves after these folks, act the same way.

This has in some ways contributed to the entitlement society we are now in.  Everyone thinks they are supposed to have it their way, at all times. In some ways, and I almost cannot believe I am about to type this … Kanye and Nick are saying similar things. It’s also in a way, what made the controversial Pound Cake Speech by Bill Cosby, similar too. That, in spite of what black people are facing in this nation, black people still have to push through.

We’ve got to recognize when it’s grind time, and when we are hot enough to actually demand (and get) that bag.

We also must be willing to Kill the Masters. Just as the message is expressed through HBO’s Game of Thrones, freedom must be taken.  Being controlled by others, often, in some ways, is a choice. As individuals, black people do not have the power they need. However, in groups black people become a force to be reckoned with. Throughout history this has been proven. So any situation or challenge currently facing black people can be overcome. There is just, no room for ‘fantasy’ while dealing with this life. Black people are not the ‘celebrities’ – and often, our celebrities are in a ‘realm of disconnection’.

Just as Charlemagne talked to Kanye about ‘rich nigga shit’, he was speaking real to Monique about owning and controlling ‘her’ shit.

“You’re using racial issues in society to focus on something you’re dealing with individually” – Charlemagne the god (Lenard)

You’ll hear that neither one of them (her husband calls in on the phone) want to hear any other version of truth.  I’m sure that was (and still is) frustrating for them. There is no power for them as ‘individuals’ to change the way this society operates.  That they are expecting it to, is an issue.  In so many ways, celebrity worship is even occurring with celebrities. Many of them, truly are not living in real reality. It is ironic, that so many reality tv ‘stars’ are burned out….

More ironic that we as a nation elected one, to be the President. This proves, beyond a doubt that too many of us, are following unrealistic people. That can only lead us into an unrealistic society, where unrealistic things happen every day. The Fall of America’s Empire … continues.

Our Celebrities are doing it wrong.

Monique, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and other well to do actors and actresses of color, should be working together. Instead of seeking out help from white owned studios, they should have created their own studios by now. The internet, and streaming websites take away all of the excuses. Just about anyone can make movies, videos, and television shows – without waiting on Hollywood studios. Truthfully, if black entertainers were actually doing this, they would be creating an income stream fully Independent of white society. As, these films would be viewed by people of all colors.  They’d be creating jobs, for diverse groups of people.

Instead of celebrity worshiping, we need to learn from the mistakes they continue to make.

The black ‘entertainment class‘ are not role models for anyone. They often forget that white society lifted them, and will drop them when ready. Rather than worrying about what Netflix gave Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle, Monique should be running her Own Netflix.

These are those grey areas of our society, where black people often find neither ‘political party’ is fully addressing black needs. That is what’s bizarre about Kanye West. He could ‘promote his album’ in several ways but chose this method.  None of it truly for the advancement of black people, or even people in general. He’s mostly doing this for himself. Our celebrity worshiping goes wrong from wanting to be ‘like them’, seeking money from white establishments.

It doesn’t have to go that way. Kanye is missing his moment to lead black people the right way. But in truth, maybe it will help black people realize why celebrity worshiping is never The way.