thug george zimmerman is free ... somehow

Criminal Thug George Zimmerman Charged With Stalking Trayvon Martin Producer

Feeding black people to alligators is a historical Racist Act.

Please understand that racism has context, and is not just about people ‘not liking’ other people. It is dangerous and often negatively impacts black lives. This was the case when Criminal thug George Zimmerman first came on the scene. After he stalked, and murdered Trayvon Martin in 2012, white jurors (and a black sellout juror) dropped the ball. They allowed him to walk free and since then, he’s had several run ins with the law. Because, George Zimmerman is a criminal. He is a mother fucking thug.

Commentary on This Criminal Thug George Zimmerman, and his ‘latest’ Case: Stalking Trayvon Martin Documentary Producer.

George Zimmerman is a predator. He stalked Trayvon Martin like a hunter stalking prey. But when the chance came up to put him in jail, racism got in the way.

White people refused to put a ‘white-identifying’ histpanic in jail for murdering a black teen. They related to his perspective, that blacks walking around in your neighborhood are scary. The mostly white jury heard testimony including the 911 operator telling George Zimmerman ‘not to follow’ Trayvon. He followed him anyways, because he’s a thug, a predator, who stalks his victims.

Look at the evidence from cases he was involved in ‘after’ he was let free.

In 2013, his wife at that time called 911, saying she is ‘really scared’. You can listen to that 911 recording here on abc news. He held her at gunpoint, and somehow this thug is still free to terrorize others. Once again, he got ‘off’, but keep in mind his father is a judge. (family legal connections)

Zimmerman assaulted his wife’s father, and somehow the man wasn’t even charged ….

He has contacts within the legal system, that seem to be, letting him go time and time again.

Vox wrote about This Criminal George Zimmerman’s multiple arrests. After the initial incident where his wife called the police on George, she filed for divorce a few months later. In an angry fit he smashed her ipad (destruction of property) and also waved a gun at her. She later changed her story saying he had no weapon.  The thug George Zimmerman is now stalking a producer of a documentary about the murder of Trayvon Martin.

It began with a book by Lisa Bloom, called Suspicion Nation. It’s about injustice, and how our ‘legal system’ keeps getting things wrong. Trayvon is the poster child for an entire system that continues to fail black people. Jay Z decided to fund a documentary, and that’s where this thug George Zimmerman comes back into the picture. As noted in the commentary above, he made over 21 phone calls, 38 text messages, and 7 voice mails. His threats to feed him to an alligator, echo the same thing he said to Jay Z a few months back.

So how is this thug George Zimmerman still free.