art bell rest in peace!

Art Bell Coast to Coast Creator Passes Away: A Thank You

R.I.P. Art Bell — I started listening to Coast to Coast around 2002; Art was already ‘retired’ and actually Came Back to start hosting the show on Weekends Only. It was during that time I gained Appreciation for him; and quickly started to realize how poorly the other hosts of the show were doing, at hosting HIS show —

I rarely listen to Coast to Coast these days; The big difference is when Art Hosted, he didn’t just let ‘anybody’ say ‘anything’ on his show. If a person had a ghost story, a ufo story, a bigfoot story, Art made them really prove that what they were saying was truth. Other hosts let people come on, say wild stuff, and none of it is challenged.

Passing away, at age 72 on Friday the 13th no less, I can’t imagine Art Bell would have wanted it any other way. Although I have heard that they are still waiting to release the cause of death, let us hope there was no foul play. His impact on people will never be forgotten. I and several others are thankful that he decided to create a show that challenges what most people accept as truth.  Our nation needs more like him: though we will never see his like again.

When I came to the show, the main host was George Noorey, who does a lot of Alien based tv shows on  the History channel. At first I didn’t realize what I was missing, until Art Bell started doing weekends for a short time. Their styles were so different. George was the opposite of how I described Art in the opening few sentences. He lets people call in, tell the wildest stories, and the entire time eggs them on.  In a way the show loses credibility when that happens.

Perhaps that was the plan all along, and we may never hear that full story.

It always seemed as if Art Bell was well aware that a ton of information he was exposing through his radio show was dangerous. I mean, we live in a society that tells us we are the only ‘known’ life in the vast universe.  Yet, on his show people discuss topics like how it’s well known that we are NOT the only life in the universe. There would be plenty of people who have done research, wrote books, or teach lectures coming onto Coast to Coast to talk conspiracy theories.  The thing about those, is often they’re true. Powerful men getting together and making plans in secret rooms has been a thing for all of time.

This is the show where most of us also first learned about Alex Jones, and the Bohemian Grove.  A wooded retreat area in Northern California, where according to Alex Jones (before he went stone crazy), all the most powerful men in the world meet. While there, they also do a Mock Sacrifice of a newborn child, to the owl god Moloch.  It’s wild stuff – wild enough that the story made it into Season 5’s House of Cards (Before Kevin Spacey was Me Too’d).  Below is a short clip : where the ‘location’ was changed to “Elysian Fields”.

This is standing out to me, because as I stated, Art Bell was a bit paranoid.

He would often start his show off by stating he was broadcasting from a ‘remote location somewhere in the high desert’.  From time to time, interviews would have their phone lines cut, suddenly. We will be left to wonder forever if someone really didn’t want his guests speaking, or if it was all part of the show.  Was it just a show?  The topics that he brought to mainstream radio, perhaps needed to be dumbed down a bit. The role of the newer hosts seems to be, in my opinion, to ensure that all these alternative facts, remain viewed through skepticism.

Why would the ‘powers that be’ want the masses to think beyond Reality Television shows?  It’s more beneficial for them if we’re fighting over which political party has our best interests in mind. So long as the people of our nation see ourselves as separate than, different from, the people on top stay on top. The moment we get too serious about topics like, Free Energy – or Space/Time Travel; we are no longer controllable.

Apparently Art Bell was doing a podcast that I was not aware of; called “Midnight in the Desert”

These topics are no stranger to us on :

For those who wanted to, Art Bell took us to places our minds rarely get a chance to go.  I would say that he will be ‘missed’ but, in truth his voice has been missing for quite some time.  By allowing all these other radio hosts to come onto “his show” it greatly reduced “his audience” … or his reach. I cannot say I was listening to any of his other stuff, and can’t verify he had any other shows, podcasts, etc.  However, those who he touched – hopefully will continue to touch others, and open minds.

Rest easy Art! Safe travels into the next life – whatever that may be.

(featured image from an article discussing Art’s Net Worth And Most of his Career in Radio)