Michelle Wolf Burns Down The White House Correspondents Dinner

Like a pornstar says when she’s about to have sex with a Trump, let’s hurry up and get this over with!

By now, in case you missed it, Michelle Wolf killed it at the White House Correspondents Dinner. This is truly the reason President Trump has chosen not to attend these dinners the past 2 years now. He’s a child who cannot take anyone joking about him. That, is the point of the White House Correspondents Dinner though. It is a chance for the Press and the Politicians they cover, to take the night off and relax. This is also where they joke, about themselves.

Comedians are Defending Her Jokes at the White House Correspondence Dinner –

If there is any Controversy over these jokes, it’s because Conservatives are the real Snowflakes of our society.

Trump is president right now and that’s not ideal.

“Yea, you should’ve done more research before you got me to do this.” …. Truer words have never been spoken. I fucking loved it – because if you really listen to her, she goes in on both sides. So why are the Conservatives so mad? “It turns out The President of the United States (Trump) is the one pussy you’re not allowed to grab.” ….

Perhaps the “Trump is So Broke” jokes got to them….

Trump is So Broke he has to fly Failed Business Class…..

Trump is So Broke Southwest used him as one of their engines ….

(then perhaps one of the best jokes…) Trump is So Broke He had to Borrow money from Russia and now he’s Compromised and Not susceptible to Blackmail and may bring on the Fall of the Republic! (paraphrased….the full video of this epic roast is above.)

… Then she goes on to say how Trump Is a racist. None of them want to admit that even if all the evidence is in. She said “He loves white nationalists, which is a crazy name for a Nazi. Calling a Nazi a white nationalist is like calling a pedophile, kid friendly.”

She even went in on Mike Pence, pointing out just how much worse he is, than Trump. That’s the real quagmire the nation has been in since November 2016. It’s possibly why Pence was chosen in the first place, knowing the American People really don’t want him to take over.

Mike Pence Jokes by Michelle Wolf killed the WHCD

The jokes were mature though.

(Vox Says She’s Under attack for her True Sarah Sanders Jokes)

But they were fair, as she made fun of both political aisles. So why are conservatives so upset??   

Isn’t the very reason they started calling liberals ‘snowflakes’ because of how overly sensitive libs … are?  Well who is being sensitive now? I personally thought the jokes about Sarah Sanders were hilarious. Conservatives are mad, that Michelle Wolf basically went in on Sarah’s looks. She also attacked Sanders’ lack of honesty – “she takes facts, burns them, and creates an amazing smokey eye… don’t know if it’s real, or just more lies…”


That tweet from Seth, rings true with me. A couple of our Twitter accounts were recently taken down by a ‘so called liberal’ who wants to keep Nazi’s safe. They got so mad at me for saying we should Punch Nazi’s that they went out of their way to get our Twitter handles suspended.  The troll even told me they complained to our web host, because that’s who White Moderates are. They’re nazi’s in disguise, who absolutely get outraged by ‘speech’ more than ‘action’.   The actions of Nazi’s have destroyed humanity’s peace for centuries, but don’t you dare say we should punch them in the face … or someone might get mad.

So while I first posed the question ‘why are conservatives so mad?’ … truth is, this, like so many things is not a partisan issue.

This, my friends, is a white people issue. It’s also a non-white people who are influenced by white culture issue. People who construct entire lies to live in, hate when truth comes to visit.  I have to be fair when I discuss this, so that’s why I say those influenced by white culture.

What is white culture really? It is a culture of violence, and a desire to dominate others. They hate getting a taste of their own medicine.

Truth kills them all the time.  Michelle Wolf spoke truth, with a beaming smile on her face. The news media absolutely helped create Trump, because they cannot sell people on paying attention. There is great apathy when it comes to politics in our nation, and the tv pundits are of no help.

Michelle Wolf was right;

Rachel Maddow does take forever to get to her point. She’s the master (or is it mistress?) of Tease. As much as I personally enjoy it when she finally reaches her conclusions, it does take a while. Everyone knew that President Obama was bad for comedy. That was the one redeeming quality of George W. Bush. He was always the butt of jokes, as he constantly made errors. Comedians, and news outlets always had something to report that would keep people interested.

Obama’s presidency was too …. perfect. Far too much ‘good and positive’ news happened under his administration; and good news never sells news papers…. (at least not in white culture)

Trump has broken all of Bush’s incompetent records. He does so much in a day, that Comedians don’t have time to write their jokes…

(also read about Dennis Miller struggling to write jokes to respond to the WHCD roasting)

“Trump is so broke he grabs pussy’s because he thinks there might be loose change in there…” – Michelle Wolf

and yes … Flint still doesn’t have Clean Water.