Tip Makes Media rounds on Kanye West

Tip Making Media Rounds Talking Kanye West and Trump

There is a lot going on lately, and while SoPoCo is not a news site, the discussion Tip is involved in matters. I’m not here to say that Tip has the same motives as everyone else. Willing to get on a track with Kanye West during his moments of MAGA support, Tip represented ‘the people’ on Ye Vs The People.  In the song, Ye seems to be explaining his newfound perspectives. Tip, meanwhile, seems to question those decisions and attempt to talk sense into him.

Since the song dropped, lots of controversy around Kanye has continued to swirl.

The interview with Charlemagne the god aired or was released. Later that same day, Kanye found himself on TMZ Live, making even more wild statements. One of his wildest, is that slavery was a choice (or sounded like a choice to him…) Not only did that take infuriate people, it sparked a response on Twitter under #IfSlaveryWasAChoice.



Tip Making Media Rounds – First on the Breakfast Club

“Every human being alive has conflict. How you resolve that conflict is what matters.” – Tip

One thing I will say about T.I. (Tip) is that he’s well spoken. Unlike most rappers the white owned music industry lifts up, Tip can hold a conversation.  His ability to address real world issues is why he was out front with Jay Morison headlining a boycott in Atlanta.  His involvement in politics, hopefully will inspire more black youth to get involved as well.   However, does his getting on a track with Kanye endorse some of his behavior, even if he ‘says’ he objects?

Tip says they had a discussion for 4 hours, and then recorded this new song.  This is part of that interview he referred to.

What half do you agree with? let’s get that out …. Tip says to Kanye.

Then Kanye starts talking about the ability to do what others say you cannot do.  Unfortunately that is shortsighted or, as TIP put it, ‘unorthodoxed’. T.I. does, sound like he wanted to fully understand what Kanye was on, before aligning himself with an artists aligning with what too many black people do not approve of. The video, is short but very interesting as we do see a process at work.  We can also see that Tip was a bit hesitant to just jump right on the track.

Conversations like these, however, are what SoPoCo was started for.  I agree with those who say black people do not ‘have’ to be democrats. Unfortunately for black people the alternative doesn’t have black people’s interests in mind either.  Black Republicans tend to be ultra coons and super sell outs. That is almost entirely what seems to be the case with Kanye. He has decided to turn his back on the collective struggle of black people, and attempt the sell outs course. On that course, he gets to say things ‘freely’ that include calling slavery a choice.  This makes him more appealing to whites, and allows him into more clubs than super pro-black Kanye.

Will he really use that access to help black people as a whole? …. the doubt is strong in this one.

Here is another interview from TIP making Media rounds, talking Kanye, Gucci Mane and more.

“Let’s not look at the world for what we want it to be, we have to look at it for what it is.” – True words spoken by Tip here. I do agree, that Kanye has put in enough work that we might want to hear him out.  That does not mean any of us need to agree with any of these ‘new thoughts’.    It is very possible he’s been compromised, because that happens all the time in this world. If we’re looking at the world for what it is, then that is a reality we must accept.

Calabassas is in an area of California that is almost entirely removed from black people.  He is no longer living in any environment where he needs to ‘watch his mouth’ or be careful of his thoughts. I’m not so sure there should ever be a place or time where people should need to do this.  So that part of ‘being free’ I agree on. I even agree with Nazi’s who want to be able to say what they feel. But let us not forget that there are repercussions for what is said.


I’m all for your freedom to say what you want to say. Just allow others to be free to act on what you’re saying. If the words you or I use put others in a sense of endangerment, there may be a response. The responses to Kanye, and even Tip for sorta speaking up for him are coming. The second interview (On Hot97) is very eye opening. You find out Kanye is giving him the same speil as everyone else gets. We also find out Kanye is working ‘with others’ to push these ideas as he prepares for a serious run at the White House in 2024.

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