Black Women’s Death In Dallas Butt-injection Case Ruled a Homicide

A sad day for the family of a young woman named Wykesha Reid, evidence conducted from an ongoing investigation lead to her death from butt-injections. The suspect being charged with the Homicide of Mykesha are Jimmy Clarke and Denise Rochelle. The two suspect operate a business which provides eyelash extensions to the public. Nevertheless, up until the death of Wykesh Reid it seems their business have been performing butt-injections on the Black Market. Upon questioning Jimmy Clarke a transgender woman told detectives that. Ms. Reid had visited their shop the day before making complaints about her not feeling well. Inwykeshia response to that Jimmy Clarke stated as a result of Wykesha feeling sick or ill, he /she decided to allow her to spend the night. The next morning when Jimmy arrived, he witnessed her dead on the floor with no knowledge of how she ended up incapacitated on the floor of their alleged business. See the photos of Denise Rochelle Ross, left, and Jimmy Joe Clarke. Detective’s claim that Jimmy Clarke’s story does not add up, apparently it was an eye-witness who saw the transgender man driving Wykesha’s truck in the parking lot of their business four hours before her body was found. The eye-witness pointed Jimmy Clarke out in a line-up and also told the detectives that the truck that she saw Clarke in was driving erratically. Ross and Clarke are denying having any knowledge as to why Wykesha died, although al the facts of guilt point directly to the two being involved and solely responsible for the young woman dying, The autopsy of Wykesha’s body portrays injection marks on the buttocks and butt-injection substances. Adding insult to injury the autopsy also confirmed that the injection marks were closed with the use of a common household super glue. . The authorities also claim that when they searched the eyelash extension business the entire shop was cleaned and had no sign of day-to-day business activity. The Police are leaning toward the conclusion That Wykesha had experienced pain during the operation of her butt-injection and ultimately ended up dying as a result. Allegedly Jimmybi1 Clarke went by the alias of Wee Wee, and has a history of shady medical practice, another separate incident involved a warrant being issued to search his/her shop. Apparently a 27 year old women scheduled an appointment to receive the butt-injections, however she was turned off when Clarke could not thoroughly answer her questions concerning the contents inside the butt-injections. The police report also revealed that the women claimed to feel intense-severe pain once injected with the substance in the syringe. The woman informed the police that she was injected with 7 shots, Furthermore this same 27 year old woman also pointed Jimmy Clarke out in a photo line-up. Jimmy Clarke’s alternate name “Wee Wee” is believed to be involved with administering these Black-Market injections for $250 -$500 dollars. Wykesha’s family is devastated by the recent news of their daughter’s untimely death. See evidence of how the injection of Silicone can cause fatal consequences.