KirstenPowers on Bill O'Reilly

The All White Debate on Racism : A Good Start? Or Same Ole Same?

By now I am sure you’ve heard about the recent all White Debate on Racism, that Larry Wilmore decided to interject himself into – right?

If not, going to share that with you as well as the Entire interview, which I actually watched the night it aired. The next day, it made news. Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and all the usual suspects are having meltdowns on air – and it’s pretty awesome to witness.

But, let me get back to the All White Debate on Racism – Is this a Good start? perhaps …. One could also argue that it’s just more of the same.

Before I get too ramped up; please take a quick look at this clip – We all can use these laughs during such serious times.


OK – so because I am a man of ‘context’ and absolutely believe that it matters – give me a moment to ramble a bit about the idea of an All White Debate on Racism and why, on it’s surface it seems so ludicrous : It is not offering up the ‘perspective’ or ‘point of view’ of anyone who is on the experiencing end Of Racism. That being said, kudos to Kirsten Powers for her attempt to get several points across to people like Bill and friends; which so many of them are adamantly against allowing into their heads.

You’ll see that in the clip actually. It was one of the more infuriating moments for me while watching it for the first time; how Bill, continues to cut off guests who have differing opinions.

He and all of his friends in the media; who all seem to be extensions of the White Supremacist System itself – all Do this. They cut their guests off and do not allow them to speak; Unless, those guests are saying things that they agree with. I understand how that influences the people watching.

Over the past 20 years, these racist talking heads have literally ‘shaped’ society into a Nation of Morons who cannot listen to the other points of view.

We’ve actually co-created a society full of hard headed, closed minded, Individuals — who get their news from SIMILAR sources; because no one wants to really ‘stand out’ or ‘be different’ – and this built in desire to be accepted by others has been manipulated; to where people are doing things that, whether they realize it or not, cause more damage to themselves – and society – than what most are Intending to do.

It’s that good ole’ ‘The path to hell is paved with good intentions’ thing that I’m getting at there…

I ‘get’ why people who benefit from having white privilege would fight against any idea that racism is as pervasive a problem today, as it is. I totally get it. It’s next to impossible, on an emotional level, for human beings to part ways with comfort. If we have a choice between More Comfort and Less Comfortable – we are taking More Comfort every single time. It is also, ‘built’ into us; like the ‘need for acceptance’ by our peers.

The other day I wrote about, The Coldest Game Ever Played.

Most web searches For the coldest game ever played will turn up with sports results; The coldest NFL Game played – referring to the weather. There have been several seriously cold games played outside in the history of the NFL; and yet that wasn’t the game I was referring to. I was referring to the game, that is racism. Racism, is a game. It’s the coldest game ever played. It’s a game, that tells white people they are ‘better’ than those who are not white.

It is a game that pits poor whites against other groups, and ethnicities – and it’s roots can be traced back to the early days of America. Blacks and Whites used to be much more united. They worked together and often would revolt against the rich land owners in America. Racism was created, literally to give ‘more rights’ to people based on their skin color alone. This gave ‘status’ and ‘divided’ people who were once together. That reference to the Jon Snow quote – and article – “We’re not friends” – has so much relevance to this problem we now face as a society. Just like you’ll find in the story of Game of Thrones – rifts have existed for so long that many of us have no ‘real idea’ how it all began; or why it’s still persisting; but a BIGGER THREAT approaches us all, if we do not put these differences aside and – Work together!

However – Racism is a game.

While an All white Debate on Racism can on it’s surface seem like a good start – while simultaneously come off as more of the same – the bigger goal is for all of us to understand what we are being shown. We really do need to understand the role that the media plays – in the game – Bill and friends are influencers.

The platforms they hold allow them to come into the homes of Millions of people, all at once – and share their ‘ideas’ with these people. Many of their ideas are beyond horrible, but are pushed ON people ‘as if’ the ideas are factual; logical; and absolute truth.

Most of us aren’t really paying attention to how the Guests are treated though; take notice below.

The moment Kirsten Powers states, in this All white debate – that racism is a serious problem, Bill O’Reilly dismisses it. He talks about how racism is found everywhere on the planet. He then says we are not racist in America. He says we do not have a system where Racism is accepted. Then goes back to mocking the idea of a society that doesn’t haveĀ  racism … in it. It seems as if he’s trying to have both sides of the debate.

However notice how Kirsten, fires back with smart questions; Like … “So because it’s everywhere it’s okay?” — Bill had no answer; and yet as she continued to point out that he was in denial, he continually cuts her off. He then turns to his in studio guest, and allows her to speak. Monica says some of the most racist things possible – entirely tuning out the truth about ‘what’s happening to black people in America’ – saying this shooter in Charleston was a ‘lone wolf’ – this jump to disassociate racist people from the GROUP – that silently condones their culture of hate – absolutely amazes me.

When asked to explain his ‘claim’ that America ‘is trying to overcome the Legacy’ – he responds with saying Laws are the solution.

Really Bill?

Bill goes on to call these racists, ‘fringe elements’ – and as Kirsten objects to all the nonsense, she is continually cut off. It’s a shouting match. It’s clear that Bill isn’t even listening to what she is saying as he accuses her of saying Most Americans are Racist; when she said A lot. He talks over her and again, allows the other guest, to speak uninterrupted. Kirsten’s Face at the end; is priceless.

KirstenPowers on Bill O'Reilly
Kirsten Powers looking like … “Really Bill? Really?”

and yet … this is the script.

This is how it always goes. When Sean Hannity has a guest on that has an opposing view he talks over them.

When Rush Limbaugh has a guest on that has an opposing view he talks over them.

I’ve written about How Tim Conway Is A Racist – With his ‘what the hell did Jesse Jackson say?” segment – which literally is all about making fun of how black people talk. Yes, Jesse Jackson does not have the best english in the world however, he does come from an area of the country where SEVERAL people talk, with that heavy southern drawl. There are several white people who speak Just as Muddled as Rev. Jackson – There were plenty of George W. Bush Gaffes – and yet the only person deemed ‘fit to make fun of’ – is the black guy.

That’s the script.

Mock black people; make light of issues blacks face in America; Accuse black people of being victims of imaginary crimes. Always take the police’s side – even if the Video shows otherwise – find a reason to justify their actions because, their lives matter too. It’s this ongoing barrage of attacks that black people face – while being told they are not experiencing anything. It’s the coldest game ever played and, sadly an All white Debate on racism doesn’t work ‘when’ it’s hosted in this fashion. It would however work, if the Host would allow the guests to speak.

Essentially what we witnessed was a 2 on 1. A Majority view vs a Minority view – and just like it usually goes in the script; the minority view is ignored; drowned out with noise; talked over; and cast aside as a falsehood. (This happens whenever there is a debate on racism).

When will the madness stop?

If you haven’t gathered by now; I’m all for The All White Debate on Racism Panel – it’s an Idea who’s TIME has come; however it’s also TIME to re-write the script.

People like Bill O’Reilly, Tim Conway, and all these other racists, really should not be on the Mainstream media airwaves. Their ‘brand’ should be relegated to podcasts. Because this IS America afterall and we all should respect freedom of speech; freedom of ideas; even those ideas we do not like or agree with.

However the ‘big platforms’ should be required to maintain a standard of Actual balance; and fairness; when it comes to the ‘ideas’ they are pushing into the homes of Millions.

I heard a good point on the radio this morning about the Confederate flag; and how we ‘should’ be careful about banning things. I totally agree with that as well. We don’t want to limit a person’s right to create and sell, whatever they wish. It’s up to consumers to stop buying the bullshit though.

I believe that’s mostly where it starts.

Those ratings have to drop.

Sadly, people love the bullshit though.

I could be wrong; but I don’t think so. This all white debate on racism is nothing new!