Finding Truth: Intelligence and Wisdom

Finding truth.

Do you simply accept with others tell you to be factual or do you research what you’re told?

I research and listen to several points of view. Not always do these points of view agree and often times that’s how I find truth.  Truth seems to stand out and resonate when multiple perspectives are presented. Truth pops up time and time again. There is so much we do not know, living in this modern society. So many years have passed since man was first created. So many religions have sprang up trying to explain that moment and our purpose for being here. Those of us born into the Americas usually inherit religion from our parents and grandparents. Some of us are Muslim because our parents were; some of us are Christian. Some have rejected the ideas and religious beliefs of their ancestors.  Some, are searching and finding truth.

I present to some of you, Dr. Phil Valentine, as he talks about the Hebrew and Their Bible.

How would you know if you are being manipulated?

“They’ve got you politically set up; educationally structured; they’ve got you structured through entertainment; and most insidiously they’ve got you set up through Religion.” Dr. Phil Valentine

This is a teacher who’s teachings I’m pretty familiar with. As is usual, what I present here is not necessarily what I believe.

It’s simply a perspective that should be presented and at least, considered.

When he speaks on the topic of the 3 Major Religions and how they are used to keep man under control; it’s an interesting perspective. How can you argue that the masses are NOT under control when only a few people seem to be financially in control of the many. How is that possible? How is it that CEO’s are taking home Millions and how are their salaries continually going up; while they claim to struggle to pay employees? (Read about Corporate White Privilege, Bankers Commit Crimes and do NO Time )

Could these thoughts be truth? That we are so controlled through so many systems that we sit back and accept anything?

If you feel this is true, that you are not researching enough, then by all means fact check what Dr. Valentine speaks about in the video at the top; and also check out part 2 of this talk; which goes into whether or not God created man; or man created God.

These are often debated topics in some circles – are you participating in those debates?

If so I want to lend a few comments. Participate in respect. You may not agree with all ideas presented; and others may not agree with all of yours. However by going into debates with a mind open to learning, you bless yourself by allowing another perspective in. Now the perspectives you came with can wrestle with the new ones presented to you. Perhaps you should allow even more perspectives in – and TRUTH will resonate. It will stand out to you.

Oddly enough, a video with Nick Cannon has gone Viral on Social media – with a poem on Intelligence (Knowledge) and its Need for Wisdom; that’s almost word for word what Dr. Valentine spoke about in Part 2 – see how TRUTH resonates?

Shout outs to all of you who are committed to finding truth.