Killing and Politics : Game of Thrones Episode 8 Hits Hardhome

Game of Thrones Season 5 has been nothing short of brilliant from the very first episode, up until what ‘may’ have been their best show ever. Episode 8, Hardhome – or what I like to call, Killing and Politics. 

Already this show has been getting rave reviews. Some people were starting to feel like the season wasn’t moving fast enough.  Well, things picked up in a very big way on last night’s show. We got to see some dynamic scenes between 2 of the show’s biggest Characters – Tyrion Lannister and the Queen Daenerys Targaryen; and those scenes were Epic!

Game of Thrones Season 5; Episode 8 – SPOILERS BELOW!

This was the opening scene – from the very top you could tell that this show was going full speed ahead. “The Greatest Lannister Killer of All time” – starts out being his usual self. Holding back nothing… “It’s too soon to know if you deserve my service” … and as usual, the defiant Queen shows off her power; and her will – saying “If you’d rather return to the fighting pits, just say the word.”

That let Tyrion know he is not dealing with a joke – she’s serious. So, He went into serious mode as well.

It’s Chess NOT Checkers ….

and PLEASE – LISTEN To what he’s talking about here;

I mean hopefully if you are reading this you have been watching all 5 seasons; otherwise NONE OF THIS makes sense; you don’t understand that the Queen actually ‘needs’ good advice. Such as, Killing and Politics are not the same thing. SO MUCH Game there. They’re two different things. In the words of Ecclesiastes – there is a time for all things. Tyrion’s wit and insight will most likely pan out to be nothing short of VITAL to the goal that Dany has set out for herself; to return to the seat of her forefathers – the Iron throne.

She might have had Ser Jorah killed, had it not been for these insights – “A ruler who kills those devoted to her is not a ruler who inspires devotion.”

… You’re not Watching Game of Thrones?


— When I talk to people who are not watching this show, it’s always for the usual reasons. They’re focused on the Dragons, and the occasional Zombies – which are less than 1/3 of the show – and miss all the realism in these storylines and these moments when dialogue is happening about – Power, Politics, and Ruling over people.

What is the goal of a ruler?

Tywin Lannister, the father of Tyrion and the former mastermind and head of the Lannister Clan once said to King Tommen, as they were standing by the dead body of Tommen’s brother – “What makes a good King?” …

You see, that is what Game of Thrones is about.

It’s about, the Throne.

This show is about who is RULING and what that means for the people living under that rule. It’s about the struggles for power – and how people In power use it.

This scene (from Season 4) was actually one of my favorite scenes. They discuss similar things that Dany and Tyrion are discussing; How to rule …

You see, the dead older brother here who’s body they are talking over – was anything but a Wise King; He was evil, and cruel. He started a War between the North and South when he executed Ned Stark (In Season 1) – and SO MUCH of what Tywin says here, about listening to Advisers is So – So important.

Great character – didn’t make it though; He put his Son Tyrion ‘on trial’ for the Murder of King Joffrey – and eventually ended up being killed By his son, at the end of last season.

Which will help you understand the magnitude of that 2nd scene …

“What was that like, ruling without the rich?”

“It’s a beautiful dream, stopping the wheel … You’re not the first person who’s ever tried it” – Tyron Lannister


I’m not one of those people who had already read the Books that this excellent TV show is based on – but these scenes were huge for many reasons. The first reason is, these two have NOT met in the books ‘yet’ – but seem to be on course to meet. So the tv show is actually ahead of the books; and those damn book nazi’s cannot SPOIL it for the rest of us; NONE of us know what’s about to happen here. We’ve reached a point (for several shows now) where so much of what is going to happen, is UNKNOWN to almost everyone who’s been a fan since the books; and those who’ve become fans because of the show.

In Hardhome, an episode named after a Wildling city North of ‘the Wall’ – we got to see some powerful scenes in addition to these conversations on Killing and Politics.

We saw Sansa Stark, who’s been through SO much, finally have a moment of real power; and in the meanwhile got some information that will be KEY to what unfolds next. Information has so much value. Most of the North has been told the younger Stark brothers are dead; but both are alive!!  Meanwhile most people think Arya Stark is dead; but she too is alive – and learning to be a Faceless Man – the coldest most skilled assassins in the realm.  I mean … Winter IS Coming …

(and in this episode, it Literally comes)

… We also got to see Cersei at her LOWEST point ever; and wow – it was wonderful to see; I mean she’s still her usual defiant self. But just knowing she’s in a cellar licking water off the floor only serves her punk ass right. But also there is a HUGE lesson in her storyline. It’s a message about how Power not only corrupts people; but can also blind people in power.  She was so bent on using this Faith Militant to keep her grip on Power in King’s Landing. She’s been in fear of allowing the Tyrell’s to get any piece of her kingdom. The power has literally gone to her head, and she without thinking, put a man in power who told her he would not hold back – with anyone.

Oh, he or she without sin … cast the first stone.

Quick comment on Ollie – I’m really not sure about that lil guy; keep an eye on The Wall; the Lord Commander will be back next week; although I swore he wasn’t gonna make it!!


WINTER CAME to Hardhome;

So, speaking of Killing and Politics – after spending about 30 minutes on Politics; including an opening and rousing speech from Jon Snow to the Elders of the wildlings; Killing happened. A lot of killing happened. By now you should already know what happened — but if you’re one of those people who doesn’t let SPOILERS stop you; The White Walkers showed up in Full force.  The very thing that Jon Snow is trying to get everyone to understand, unfolded. That none of this other shit matters.

All this bullshit in King’s Landing; all this waring between the North and the South; between the Watchers on The Wall and The “Free Folk” does not mean a damn thing; because when Winter comes, “The Dead come with it” – He gave a seriously rousing and badass speech; Jon Snow let the wildlings know the absolute truth –  What Mance Rayder wanted – Peace – a Better life for his people – that Ancient Beef needs to be put aside.

When there is a common enemy, people with any semblance of intelligence will put their differences aside. Again, showing how this story is so relevant, to even so much of what is discussed on SoPoCo – how often do we write about ending racism through unity; about how black people need to come together – about how humanity needs to realize that we, the many outnumber the few – the rich.

It’s another point made in This show as well – by the High Sparrow no less; in Episode 7 of Season 5 – back to Hardhome – and especially Killing and Politics – we witnessed the FIRST ever White Walker fight – up to now they’ve just killed people with no resistance at all; or accidentally gotten killed because they didn’t expect Sam to have Dragonglass.

We Also found out … that more than Dragonglass can kill White Walkers – we found out Valyrian Steel does the trick too!

(Spoiler fight —- pretty damn awesome)

Which reminds me of something else – another lesson – that often the very things we need to overcome the obstacles we face; are already within our grasp; and often are right under our noses.

If you’re not watching #DemThrones – now would be a great time to start. Something tells me the last 2 shows of this season will be Epic; and that we’re in store for perhaps one of THE BEST seasons to come; in Season 6.

Naturally, gotta include the bad ass Night’s King – Make sure you see what HE does at Hardhome (won’t spoil that ending)

– It’s one of THE greatest moments we’ve seen – I promise you that ….

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All jokes aside – this show has so much in common with the society we find ourselves in today. So much of the politics blind us from what truly matters. There are people who would do right by us all but even they cannot do it alone, and without solid advisers. Too many of us let age old differences keep us apart; making us nothing more than MEAT for armies of evil. Winter is coming … and those aren’t just words. It’s  a reality.

Keep watching this one folks – 2 more shows left this season and it’s about to get even better!

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